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Don’t Be A Victim Of Golf Shanking

Golf Shanking is not a term you will hear often when you are making your rounds on a golf course. It can be a nightmare the first time it happens; Once it has occurred once in a game, expect it to happen again and again. It sticks like a curse.

Skycaddie SG5 Review – The Pocket Size Caddy!

SkyGolf are world renowned manufacturer’s of golf GPS units, they are continually pushing the limits of technology and innovation. This together with state of the art satellite and aerial imagery means the Skycaddie Range remains #1.

Golf Strategies For All Golfers

Tell Me the Truth! Do you think about how you are going to play a hole when you get up on the tee? Or, do you just grab your driver out of your bag and walk up to the tee box and whack away? How many times have you walked up to the tee box and realized it was a par three and you had the driver in your hand?

Scoring A Condor On A Par Five Using Solid Golf Swing Mechanics

While scoring a condor on par five with solid golf swing mechanics may never happen (in fact it would be a total fluke) you can still lower your golf score. A condor is a triple eagle. It’s four under par on a par five. It has been accomplished, but is more rare than hole in one on a par three.

Beware the Dreaded “YIPS”

Former professional golfer Tommy Armour is credited with inventing the term “yips” to describe a combination of psychological and neuromuscular factors that forced his early retirement from competitive golf, but I believe his assessment of this insidious condition is completely off the mark! It is a much more all-encompassing affliction that can strike any pro, amateur or tournament player – or even entire teams – at any time!

Golf Swing Sequencing – The Key To More Power

Read this article to discover one key move that will help you to hit longer golf drives. Not only will you discover the one key move, but you also get a great drill to make this one key move part of your golf swing to help you achieve longer, more powerful golf drives.

Learning Proper Golf Swing Mechanics Requires Practice On The Driving Range

Learning the game of golf requires practice. This practice must be done on the driving range, not the golf course. This is because you will have to repeat your swing many times during practice before it becomes golf course ready. Ask any good golfer. They will tell you that practice is unavoidable, if you what to get better. You will also need proven, quality instructions to improve your golf game.

How To Swing The Golf Club Faster

Swinging the golf club faster through impact will result in longer golf drives and more fun for you. Plus you will shoot lower golf scores because you’ll have higher lofted clubs into the greens, making it easier for you to get your ball close to the hole. In this article find out what to do to be able to swing the golf club faster and increase your swing speed.

Golf Slice? One Simple Fix

A slice problem can be very frustrating to a golfer, so read this article to discover 1 simple fix you can do easily to help correct your slice for good. It really is easy to fix your golf slice when you know how.

Golf Swing Mechanics – Learn To Grip Your Golf Club Wisely And Lower Your Score

Learning to grip your golf club wisely can help you lower your score. Holding your golf club properly is an important part of golf swing mechanics. The most popular type golf grip taught by golf instructors the overlapping or Vardon grip. The overlapping grip is the most widely used grip on the PGA Tour.

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Womens Golf Clubs

For a beginner, the whole golf club numbering system may be quite a lot to take in. To start with, you should simplify. There are only three main types of golf clubs, with a few variations in between of course, and those are what you should start to focus on. For women, the clubs are manufactured quite differently. While you can always play with clubs that are made for men, it is best that you start with clubs that are made for you.

Golf Swing Mechanics – Get A Grip And Lower Your Score

There are several things you must learn when it comes to lowering your golf score. One of these is how to hold the club. There a number of grips you can use. Three of the most popular are the overlapping grip (Vardon Grip), interlocking grip and baseball grip. Each of these have there advantages and disadvantages.

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