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How To Choose The Best Golf GPS

If you are looking to get a new golf GPS then this article will help point out some of the features to look for. Take a look below to make sure you get the best GPS unit for your needs.

Can Golf Simulators Improve Your Game?

With all the features and benefits of installing your own golf simulator you cannot afford to be without one. Today’s golf simulators have everything from swing and club analysis to playing some of the worlds best courses from the comfort of your home.

Don’t Throw Away Your Long Irons

Hardly anyone plays with long irons anymore. Even if they weren’t hard to hit, you have to have a decent swing speed to get the distance out of them that they’re supposed to deliver, and that speed is faster than most recreational golfers, including me, can bring to the table. That doesn’t mean they’re of no use, however.

Becoming a Good Golfer

Yesterday morning I was at the range. The assistant pro and I were on the putting green. We got to talking about this and that, and the conversation got into the time when he was an aspiring tournament player. In comparing the difference between his game now, and what it was at that time (he was +4), and he is still a young man, he said it came down to two things: desire and focus.

Laser Levelled Golf Tee Construction

The construction or renovation of a golf tee is a specialised service provided by Sports Ground Contractors and requires the correct equipment and materials coupled with the applicable skills and experience from the contractor. The general procedure would initially involve the construction of the tee base. This would be performed using a 360 excavator, dumper and sub soil.

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Putting Distance Control

In putting, there are two factors influenced by the player that determine whether or not a putt will go in the hole. Those two factors are distance and direction. Distance is by far the more important of the two because it can control the direction you need to hit the putt to find the optimum line.

Head Position in the Golf Swing

Head position during the swing is an element of the golf swing that gets overlooked by amateurs and professionals alike. I feel that having a still head during the swing contributes to hitting the golf ball with power and consistency.

3 Tips to Consider When Using an Online Golf Store for Golf Clubs

When you are thinking about getting new golf clubs you should consider getting them from an online golf store. Make sure you know what you are getting into and you get the best price, however. Here are three tips to help you get the right clubs for your game this year.

Use the SkyCaddie SGX to Become a Better Golfer

The SkyCaddie SGX is packed with features for the skilled player to the beginner. Use the information provided to make better golf decisions on the course. Learn if you should be aggressive or layup. Learn the correct club to hit for each situation. Use this knowledge to lower your golf scores and become a better golfer.

Find Your Pre-Shot Routine

Pre-shot routines are a part of the golf game that very few people teach or talk about. This is because a pre-shot routine is not directly related to the golf swing and does not deal with mechanics, course management, etc. I feel that finding your own pre-shot routine that works best for you and allows you to be as comfortable and confident as possible before a golf shot is very important.

Differences Between a Regular and Stiff Shaft

When selecting golf clubs, you may have come across the term stiff shaft, and regular shaft. It can be confusing even for some more experienced golfers to what the real difference actually is, and what shaft is suited best for them. Actually, there is a major difference between the two shafts, not visibly, but in their performance.

Improving The Basic Golf Swing

No matter how skillful or experienced someone may be at golf, there is always room for improvement in their swing. Even Tiger Woods has a coach which helps him improve his swing! However, if you are just beginning to golf, then there are some basic fundamentals to the game which should really be looked into.

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