In this tip I show you how to check if you have an effortless golf swing. This is so simple but few people know what to look for. If you find you’re too tight then start to swing easy until you find yourself doing what I show in this tip.

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Most people try to hit the ball way to hard with their arms. In doing so, it tightens everything up and creates a fast looking swing as opposed to an effortless golf swing. For me, I’m not trying to hit the ball at all. I’m simply making a movement from the top of the backswing through to the follow through position. As I make this swing, the ball is just getting in the way of the club.

To me, it feels easy and like I didn’t hit anything at all yet the ball is hit with both irons and driver with a lot of power. Irons are pure and solid and it never hurts my body in any way. This truly is a pain free golf swing.

If you want to finally build an effortless golf swing then try this tip and work towards the level I’m at in your swing. If you have to swing easy at first then do so. Over time, you can gradually build it up so you too, can have that slow, easy looking golf swing you’ve been dreaming about.

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