I bought TaylorMade’s new M4 driver (is it actually the same)

Bob Hope Classic

Whether it is playing or just coming out to take in some golf action, the Bob Hope Classic is the premier professional golf tournament in the desert to be a part of and a must stop on your next vacation to Palm Springs and the California desert resort cities. Taking place in the cool and comfortable month of January, the PGA’s early tour season gets under way with the Coachella Valley being one of the stops on the tour’s west coast swing. What makes this event such a gem is it’s notoriety for being a celebrity pro-am as…

Good Golf in a Nutshell

Millions of words have been written about how to play good golf, and many golfers have tried to read them all. Experts say do this, and another one says, no, don’t do this, do that. In the din the poor recreational golfer cries out for help. Can’t anyone make this a simple game? Just tell me what I really need to do! All right, I will. Here are forty words that will revolutionize your shot-making.

3 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

Do you really want to improve your golf swing distance and accuracy? You can easily improve your golf swing using 3 simple and powerful tips discussed here.

Recycling and Reusing Your Golf Balls

In the world we live in today wasting of any of our resources is a thing that is being frowned upon more and more each day for various good reasons. As a result, we try to recycle everything that we can and one of these things today is golf balls, believe it or not. Today you will notice that the trend amongst golfers is to buy or get some balls customized for them that will have a print on them that will make them easier to find.

TaylorMade Burner Ladies Irons: Exceeds One’s Expectations

People get confused on what best golf clubs to purchase. Of course, people would like to own the best stick for their game. Experienced golfers seemed to be picky about their golf clubs and beginners should be like that too. It does not mean that you have to own an expensive golf clubs but it is important that you search the best one to help you in your game. There are numbers of ways you can do in order to have the best clubs at an affordable price.

Golf Yips

You might find yourself shaking and sweating. You might dread standing over your next shot and feel no confidence on the course, wherever you are. If this is your situation, you have likely acquired a case of the yips, and this can be a slippery slope to recover from.

5 Rules to Hit Better Irons

5 rules on how to hit better iron shots. The irons are where you need to be very precise in your golf swing and these 5 tips will help.

The Finest Golf Swing Tips

Golf is a game that looks very simple as only with a club you can hit a ball and send it in to a hole. Well folks, to tell you the truth, there is a lot more to golf then that! The game may sound easy but it is not as simple game to play as you think. Golf is a game with complicated sets of techniques and rules which when combined with right training gives the real essence of the game.

What Expert Golfers Do

Wish to make a bona fide deal? Talk about expert golf tips. Have you ever wondered what makes a good golfer great? It’s his determination, consistency and strength of mind that drives him to the ultra stages of victory. Expert golfers are energetic and accept challenges. They frequently ask questions and try new tactics however they stick to the most important tip that is practice. Consistent practice and willingness helps golfers to rise above their gaffes.

Choosing The Right Golf Traveling Bags

One of the most exciting things about golf is traveling to new places, in which golf traveling bags are an absolute necessity. It is always good to have a golf travel bag with which to protect your clubs when you are on the go. This is never truer than when you are traveling by air to reach your destination.

The Perfect Golf Swing – Does It Exist?

The perfect golf swing does not exist as the swing varies from golfer to golfer and it also varies between different swings of a particular golfer. It depends on the specific condition and each golfer has constraints.

Swinging on the Proper Plane

What would you say is the most important element of a solid and effective golf swing? For me, seeing as many amateur and professional golfers as I do, the answer is not in doubt. It’s the ability to have their golf club stay consistently on the proper swing plane.

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