Simple Way To Check Your Clubface

Here is a simple way to check your clubface at the top of your backswing. After you watch this tip start doing this regularly so you can develop a great clubface position at the top of your backswing.

If you don’t know the position of your clubface at the top can affect the clubface at impact. If you are square at the top it’s easier to be square at impact. If the face is open or close you can easily end up hooking or slicing the ball. This simple way to check your clubface will allow you to develop this square position so you can be in a better impact position.

You can do this drill around the house, at the range or even when you play. Watch this tip and understand it. You will see this is a really simple way to check your clubface.

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In this tip I'm giving you a way to Check the face angle at the top of your Back swing So I came up with this way a few days Ago I thought this would make a great Way that you could start working on your Swing okay so you're going to be able to Do this at home at the range and even When you play all right so here's what I'm getting at in this tip so when we Hit the very top of our back swing so Right here here like this we work it Back we go up to the top right here This Leading Edge of the club should be Parallel to your lead arm so right here If I go up to the top that should match The lead arm right here all right so now If the club face looks like that right There with the Leading Edge parallel to The ground that is a shut Club face That is usually going to lead to severe Hooks okay if you do a strong grip here The face is shut at the top here All right now we have the opposite we Have it with the face down okay that is In open position so right here if I did Let's say a weak grip Went to the top you can see how the club Face is pointing straight down so Ideally we want this angle On this angle okay now in the past I've Told people you know have a mirror or a Window reflection in a window right here Take it to the top keep checking that


Out okay so came up with this new way That you might want to try So what you want to do is you want to Grab your putter okay on your putter you Have a flat surface on the grip you're Going to use that flat surface to Determine where the club face is at the Top of your backswing because you might Not be standing there with a window or The reflection in a mirror here where Would a situation like that be well when You go to play golf you're standing There on the putting green waiting for Three people to line up their putt you Know you get some Joker that was walking All around like it's the Masters here You're sitting there going oh you're Just standing there though well if You're just standing there you might as Well work on something So that's a great way or a great time That you can be working on this flat Surface okay stand here like this We're going to go to the top of the back Swing right here Now we want this flat surface on an Angle now if I went like this and the Flat surface was vertical The face would be shut If it's parallel to the ground the face Would be open so we want this on about a 45 degree angle right here that would Indicate that the face would be on an Angle at the top so we're starting here

Like this we go to the top Like that Okay and then you're gonna know where The face is So you'll be able to do that anywhere Just do it you know on the green you're Just standing there waiting for people To putt you're standing there going like This But you can't really see it But now you'll know exactly where it is Because you've got that flat surface to Check all right I would probably do this In a window or a mirror first you know Get the flat surface go like this go to The top then take a look just to make Sure you know that the face is dead Square Then recognize this angle so then you Know the angle that you're trying to get Into the future when you actually work On it all right why this is so important Is because A square face at the top is going to Allow you to hit perfect shots you don't Need flaws in your swing to make up for The face being out of position So think about it you go to the top and The face is shut you would hook every Single shot So you would then need another flaw to Fix the hook Now you'd have two flaws well if a face Is square you don't need the second flaw

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That's why we want to have No flaws as we hit the top of the Backswing all right makes it a lot Easier and you don't have to sit here And practice all the time Okay so grab your putter check out the Flat surface go to the top check it get The feeling of what Square feels like And then keep doing that as much as you Can I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing