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Still hitting pull hooks? Find out how to stop by unlocking your inner artist with this tip from one of our Best Young Teachers Jason Guss.

Wanna stop hitting pull hooks?
Unlock your inner artist and draw new swing art.
I’m Jason Guss, and this is Breaking Bad Scores.
The problem, the ball starts left and continues to go left.
The cause, the ball’s too far forward in your stance.
The fix, understanding how the club head
and the club face should swing along that arc
will go a long way in understanding
how to fix that pull hook.
Here’s the drill.
I got three words in a row right.
That was amazing.
I want you to grab some turf-marking paint,
or if you think your superintendent will kill you,
you can also do the same arc on the ground with some tees,
but what I want you to do is paint an arc on the ground
and also put three hash marks in this arc.
If you have your golf ball too far forward
where this front mark is,
you’re gonna see that your club’s gonna swing too much
from the outside in,
and by the time the golf club gets to the golf ball,
your club face is gonna be too close.
If you can move the golf ball
a little bit back in your stance,
that’s gonna encourage the club head to swing a little more
from the inside on the down swing,
and it’s gonna give the club face a little less chance
to close down.
If you can do this drill at home or on the range,
you’re gonna stop whole hooking in no time.
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How to Stop Hitting Pull Hooks | Breaking Bad Scores | Golf Digest

Shot at Hawk Hollow Golf Club in Bath, Michigan

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