How To Do Drills (Faster Way To Learn The Golf Swing)

In this tip I am explaining how to do drills so you can learn the golf swing faster. You would think that explaining this wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, most people who come to me for lessons just keep hitting ball after ball never changing their current golf swing so this forced me to do a tip to explain it.

Learning a great swing takes work. To get this, you need to do the work. This sometimes requires you to do a few drills. As you do the drills you are getting used to a new movement or feeling to then apply it to your real golf swing. Certain moves and positions are tricky so you might not get them right away which means you would have to do more drills to learn it.

Hopefully, you see it. Learning a great swing is not about just beating golf balls. This will never work. So let’s actually learn how to do drills so we can make swing changes faster. Once you learn the swing, you will start playing your best golf.

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In this tip talking about Drill mode Drill mode You've got Hitting your shots mode And then you've got drill mode Drill mode is very important And it's very important because student After student after student comes out Here I'm working with them I go hey why don't we try this little Thing let's do a little Just as an example let's do a little Three-quarter back swing And hit a shot Like 50 yards okay That would be a drill you're doing that To get used to the movement you're not Doing that to hit perfect shots That is where everyone goes wrong so I Explain it Okay we're gonna do a little Three-quarter to three quarter swing We're gonna hit it 50 yards what does The person do They hit their best shot or far the shot It's like no we gotta go into drill mode Some you know I don't have a ton of Drills that I sit here and get people to Do for hours and hours and hours I got a Few Do them for a few minutes But when you do a drill you're doing That to learn that move you don't care

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About hitting a perfect shot if you do The drill and you're topping every Single ball who cares you're not trying To hit a perfect shot so it doesn't Matter about the ball it matters about The move so you have to take your mind And switch into drill mode if you're Doing a drill Okay so an example would be the rollover Drill that's a drill that's why I call It a rollover drill it's not reality When you do the drill you're going to Hook every shot that's not a perfect Shot that's a hook Okay little three-quarter To three-quarter swing I'd be working on Releasing your wrist little you know Hinge re-hinge maybe you're someone that Does a short back swing I get you to do A long back swing Some kind of drill for that maybe you're Breaking your elbow down to touch your Neck Okay If that's the drill That's the drill you do the drill to get Used to the move to then come out of Drill mode into reality Or your regular mode To apply what you did in the drill to Your real swing If you just keep hitting ball after ball After ball after ball you're not really Changing anything or you're not learning

Anything a different way to do something You know so you got to see it Differently And like I said I'm really stressing That because no joke it is student after Student after student I explain the Drill I try to have them do the drill And the first ball they do their normal Golf swing it's no different they do the Exact swing they've been doing So if I see somebody do that I know they Don't know how to do drills or they've Never done drills before so if you've Never done a drill you've never really Worked On the different elements of your golf Swing And I keep seeing this over and over and Over I don't know in the last year if I've had somebody I said hey do this and They did it So this is very very common so if I keep Seeing this then that means that the Great majority of everyone is not Doing drills properly so there's certain Times You got to go into drill mode if you go Into drill mode doing a drill you do not Care about the ball You're not even doing a real swing yet So why would the ball matter who cares Okay so you do the drill to get used to The move You get the move you get the feeling of

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It and you might not get it to that you Might have to do the drill for your next 10 practice sessions until you have got It in your swing so you keep doing it Over and over maybe you're gripping down Like this you're going okay I gotta go Here and I gotta go here I gotta go here And I gotta go here now okay now I know The feeling okay good and now you're Applying it to your real swing All right so like I said this is Absolutely vital Pros have done little drills before some More than others I don't need you to get I I don't need To get you to do that many drills a few Here and there Okay but when you do them you got to do Them so that you get that move to then Put it in your real sway Okay so think about it drill mode if hey Drill mode I don't care about my ball Ball means nothing tee up your ball You know if you're hitting 50 yard shots Who cares it's 50 yards You see what I mean But you're working on the move All right so hopefully you understand it Drill mode you've got to get into that Mode to make changes to your off swing I Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link

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