HOW and WHEN To Putt From Off The Green!

Tips to Helping You Hit the Golf Ball Further

Golf offers many rewards to those that play it and it is most fun when you are hitting the ball straighter and longer. Learn some useful tips to help you hit the golf ball further and shoot lower scores.

Knee Joint Pain and Golf – Something You and Tiger Woods Have in Common!

With Tiger Woods’ recent announcement that he will not compete in the US Open in 2011, many golfers, professional or amateurs, can relate to his physical woes. Woods is currently dealing with left knee and Achilles’ tendon injuries, having undergone surgery on both injuries in April. Are you feeling his pain too?

Golf Swing Thoughts

When we play golf, we’re awake. The implication of that obvious statement is that our conscious mind is running full tilt looking for something to think about. This tendency can be ruinous to your golf game, but if you pick the right swing thoughts, and use them wisely, they can help you immeasurably.

Which Golf Ball Is the Best For Me?

If you are a novice, then it is best for you to choose the least expensive golf ball for yourself. When you start playing, you should prepare yourself to lose quite a few balls, which is why getting an expensive one is not a good idea. You should opt for used, wholesale, experienced, recycled or bulk golf balls.

The History Of The Game Of Golf And Why I Love It So Much

Golf is a wonderful sport and for that reason it’s also a very very popular past time. It is currently played by millions of people around the world and with the opening of courses all over the place, even in the most obscure locations, it has become even more accessible.

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The Constructions of Various Golf Ball Types

Golf balls are available in 3 basic types these days. Given below is a detailed review of their construction and which type should be used by what type of golfers to lower their total score.

Finding the Best Golf Ball for Your Game

This article is particularly meant to help you find the correct ball to play with. This selection is actually based on your current type of play and game. Three categories of golfers have been discussed for easy selection of ball type.

Golf Specific Workouts – Why Exercising Should Be Different for Golfers

Why is it so important for golf players to perform specific workout exercises regularly? When a golfer is in great shape physically regarding flexibility, strength and stamina, it will be easier to perform a much better game than someone who is in bad shape. If you want to achieve the appropriate fitness required for a golfer you will have to raise your flexibility and at the same time improve strength. In order to do this you’ll have to strive to develop lean muscle mass, instead of big muscles. The principal difference between lean vs. bulky muscles is the actual degree of flexibility that the muscles supply. Huge muscles tend to be more solid, however at the same time they are not as flexible, which can drastically reduce your capability to move and twist adequately when you’re swinging the ball. Acquiring lean muscle mass isn’t unattainable, but will take a conscious effort.

What Else Can You Do to Increase Your Golf Swing Distance – 4 Golf Distance Tips

Tired of searching for the best golf distance tips that would free you from playing the wrong kind of game? Since golf distance has become your main concern, it is vital for you to learn how to counter it. Countering the field that you find difficult to handle is one good thing for a player to achieve so as to advance to a more fulfilling game. Learning by means of practicing on the side is tops for beginner golfers like you. Read on to redirect you to a much better path in golf.

Golf Conditioning Exercises That Are Essential In Perfecting Your Game and Form

The game of golf looks like it does not take much of energy or strength. After all, how much muscle work does one need to whack that golf club and hit the ball soaring? And when it comes to putting, one does not even have to use so much power anyway. Well, whoever thought of the game in this light is wrong on both accounts. Physical fitness is necessary in playing this game. The swing in itself is a connected, fluid motion of muscles and joints working together to guide the energy efficiently from one’s body to the club and finally to the ball. That is why; even professional players of the PGA have a certain set of golf conditioning exercises to keep their bodies fit and in the proper state to play the best game they can.

4 Areas That Should Be Targeted By Golf Muscle Exercises

Golf is a game that looks tranquil enough to put anybody asleep. However, this subdued sport requires a whole lot of muscle work, flexibility and endurance. When you see a player swinging away on the greens, from his built you will most probably say he is not the bulkiest or strongest athlete in the world. But, since pros discovered how focusing on fitness and exercise add more oomph to their game, golf muscle exercises have become popular and well practiced. This means that one should not assume that these players’ muscles are not as toned and well chiselled as those who play a different sport.

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How Can I Improve My Golf Game – Use This Simple Process

Are you struggling with your golf game? Are you looking for ways to reduce your golf handicap? Do you have specific problems with Driving or Iron Play, Putting or getting out of the Sand, Chipping or Pitching? With a simple six step process, you can solve these problems and improve your golf game dramatically.

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