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Mike Malaska Teaches Hip Rotation in Golf - Golf Tips & Videos

Mike Malaska Teaches Hip Rotation in Golf

Welcome to my latest blog post, where we’ll be discussing a crucial aspect of golfing technique: hip rotation. In particular, we’ll be diving into the expertise of renowned golf instructor Mike Malaska, who has dedicated his career to helping golfers improve their game through proper technique and form. Join us as we explore Malaska’s insights on hip rotation in golf, and discover how you can apply these techniques to elevate your own performance on the course. Let’s get started!

Understanding the Importance of Hip Rotation in Golf: A Guide by Mike Malaska


Golf is a sport of precision that requires skill, technique, and practice. One of the most important aspects of golf is the rotation of the hips. Hip rotation is crucial in developing a solid, consistent swing that generates power and accuracy. Mike Malaska is a renowned golf instructor who has helped thousands of golfers improve their skills. In this guide, we will learn from Mike Malaska about how to properly rotate hips in golf.

The Basics of Hip Rotation in Golf

Hip rotation is a complex movement that involves a series of actions throughout the swing. The hip turn should begin at the same time as the backswing. The left hip should rotate 45 degrees and the right hip should rotate 45 degrees too. From this position, the golfer should then initiate a downswing by starting to rotate their hips towards the ball.

One of the biggest mistakes that golfers make is not properly rotating their hips. This leads to a lack of power and accuracy. Proper hip rotation will help to generate clubhead speed and help the golfer to hit the ball further and with more accuracy.

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Here are some tips to help you improve your hip rotation:

  • Keep your feet shoulder-distance apart
  • Maintain a solid base throughout the swing
  • Keep your head still and eyes on the ball
  • Start the downswing with your hips
  • Rotate your hips aggressively through impact

What Mike Malaska Teaches About Hip Rotation

Mike Malaska is passionate about golf and has spent his life teaching others how to improve their skills. According to Mike, the key to effective hip rotation is in understanding the sequencing of the swing. Mike’s approach is centered around what he calls the “Kinematic Sequence.”

The Kinematic Sequence

The Kinematic Sequence is a concept that Mike has developed to help golfers understand the proper sequencing of their swing. The sequence begins with the hips, followed by the torso, arms, and finally the club. This sequence should be smooth and continuous, with each movement flowing seamlessly into the next.

Mike stresses that hip rotation is the foundation of this sequence. Proper hip rotation leads to a proper sequence which in turn leads to a consistent swing that generates power and accuracy.

How to Connect with Mike Malaska

Mike Malaska has a strong online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He regularly posts tips, advice, and insights related to golf. Mike uses his platform to connect with his students and to promote his coaching services.

Mike also has his website that offers all kinds of instructional resources, including videos, online courses, and in-person coaching. You can visit his website and learn from him directly about golf and much more.

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Q1. Can proper hip rotation help in reducing hip pain during golf?
A1. Yes, HIP rotation helps in maintaining the balance and reducing the pressure on the hips, thereby reducing the chance of hip pain.

Q2. How often should one practice hip rotation to see the effect?
A2. Practicing hip rotation should become a daily occurrence. Repeating the movements regularly will help to make the new habits stick and improve the golfer’s overall technique.

Q3. Can poor hip rotation lead to back pain after playing golf?
A3. Yes, poor hip rotation can lead to back pain due to overcompensation of the lower back muscles to produce power in a golf swing.

Q4. Can I still practice hip rotation if I have limited mobility?
A4. Yes, hip rotation can be practiced by anyone, even those with limited mobility. Low-impact exercises like stretching can help improve flexibility and mobility in the hips over time.

Q5. Is Hip rotation the same for men and women or does gender impact the golf swing?
A5. Gender does not impact hip rotation; proper hip rotation is essential for both men and women’s golf swings. The muscle structure and flexibility may differ based on gender, but the basics of a golf swing remain the same.


Hip rotation in golf is a critical skill that golfers must master to improve their strokes. Mike Malaska’s approach to teaching hip rotation emphasizes the Kinematic Sequence, which helps golfers to understand the right sequencing of their swings. Proper hip rotation generates power, improves accuracy, and reduces stress on the body. By following the tips and advice provided by Mike Malaska, golfers can improve their gameplay and enjoy the sport even more.

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