3 Wedge Shots That Will Save You Strokes

In golf, a swing is a swing, but once you get a wedge in your hands, that’s where artistry comes in. When you know what you’re doing with that wedge, you will get the ball closer to the the hole than your partners thought you could, and you will never be out of the match. Here are three shots that I think you will use at least once per round, and they turn three shots into two, just like the pros say to do.

Miniature Golf for the Family

Miniature golf is simply a miniature version of the actual game of golf. In different countries around the world, other names are used for the game: mini-golf, mini-putt, goofy golf, crazy golf adventure golf and so on. The first mini golf course was built for ladies in Scotland in 1867. The course was 18 holes and the first miniature golf course in the world. Garnet Carter was the first person to patent a game of miniature golf which he called “Tom Thumb Golf” in 1927. Garnet Carter built his course on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee to draw traffic to the hotel he owned. His wife, Frieda Carter did most of the designing of the course’s obstacles which had a fairyland theme. Carter founded the Fairyland Manufacturing Corporation, which by 1930 manufactured and sold over 3000 of his Tom Thumb franchises.

3 Easy Golf Swing Tips To Shrink Your Handicap Fast

“Golf is easy,” said Ernest Jones, one of the most influential and respected golf teachers of all time. If you’re like most golfers, you probably balked at that statement. After all, for average players, golf is anything but easy.

Lower Your Golf Score By Improving Your Golf Swing Mechanics

Lowering your golf score is just a matter of improving your golf swing mechanics. It may only require the simplification of your swing. For most golfers developing a swing like Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson is just not practical. Most of us don’t have the natural ability or the time it takes to have the golf swing mechanics of a PGA Tour golfer. There are a number of key swing components the average golfer can improve on to lower his or hers golf score. Some of these are the stance, grip and backswing.

How to Grip a Golf Club: Online Golf Lesson

How to grip a golf club properly is an often overlooked detail as golfers tend to be far too interested in the complexity of the swing itself. However, a correct golf grip has everything to do with how the swing will develop including the motion of the arms and wrists, clubface control, lag and release.

Finally: Social Golf Networks Have Arrived!

With social media so extremely popular these days, it was bound to happen: social media just for golfers! Is it any wonder, considering that there are millions of golf lovers all over the world? What better way to connect with them than through social golf networks!

What Is a Social Golf Network?

If you love the game of golf, you are definitely not alone. Millions of people all over the world are passionate about the game, and love to play as much as they love to watch the professionals.

Join a Golf Network to Meet Like-Minded People

The concept of joining a social golf network may be foreign to you; so this article aims to answer the ‘who, what, when, why and where’ of these popular sites. These online social golf networks are created and organized by people just like you: golfers!

What Is a Private Golf Network?

If you are a member of a private golf club, and want the opportunity to play on different courses, consider joining a golf network. The concept is gaining popularity around the world and offers a unique experience for any golf enthusiast.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing by Taking a Deep Breath

Here’s an obvious fact: We breathe in order to survive. But did you know that how you breathe can help improve your golf swing? It’s true, and just by implementing a few easy breathing techniques, you can find more balance in your game, and in life.

Are You Blaming Your Golf Equipment?

Blaming your moves, shots and swings for your golf mishits and mishaps? Well, no matter how much time and effort you have been spending over practicing your moves to perfect your game, you still won’t achieve your goal if you use unsuitable or defective types of golf equipment, will you?

Drive Your Ball Into the Fairway With a Safety Shot

Probably the hardest thing to do in golf, and yet the most important, is to get your drive in the fairway. Recreational golfers have a love-hate relationship with their driver. They can’t hit it that well, yet they can’t stop pulling it out of the bag. It’s time for you to get this most difficult golf club under control, and you do it by thinking of the drive as a safety shot.

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