Can Tour Pro golfer beat course record?

How Golf Swing Videos Can Help You

Many products can offer you videos of the best swings ever from different tours just like the PGA and European Tours. You can also witness and review documented swings by famous golfers just like Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcllroy, Phil Mickelson, Martin Kaymer, and other players you have probably never seen or heard about before. These are just some of the examples of famous events and people whom you can learn from basing on their playing strategies especially when it comes to golf swinging.

Golf Swing Videos Are A Great Tool For Fixing Your Game

Everyone who plays golf understands that it’s all about the swing, no matter what else happens if your swing isn’t going the way it’s supposed to go then you’ll find yourself hitting something else than what you think you’re hitting and the ball will not go where you think it should. The golf swing must be a smooth delivery with the proper arcing motion from beginning to end. If there’s a break in the fluidity of the swing, the impact of the ball will be affected.

The Lofted Wedge Shot and the Wrist Release

One of the most important areas of golf is the short game and one of the most important clubs in the short game is the lofted wedge. However, in order to take advantage of the versatility of the lofted wedge you must be sure you are swinging the club properly and have a correct wrist release.

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What Is the Biggest Misconception In Golf?

By far the most common problem for amateur golfers is swinging too hard. The problem is that common sense tells us a harder swing will send the ball further. This couldn’t be more wrong. The problem is swinging harder often slows the club down. Find out why.

Nail the Short Putts

In my opinion, making putts that are inside five feet is all about having confidence in your abilities. The best short putters in the world all have incredible confidence in their putting and their ability to drain short putts. Tiger Woods was, at one point, the best putter inside five feet in the world and that was because he had confidence in himself and his putting.

Rescue Your Game With a Golf Swing Training Aid

The easiest way to correct your swing faults is with the assistance of a golf swing tutorial. When you work on your game with an aid of this sort, you can instantly begin to eliminate the bad habits of your swing form. Using the golf swing training aid as a guide, you can replace the flaws with strong, solid motions that improve your swing.

What It Takes to Improve Your Golf Swing

The majority of golf players have one thing in common. They all want to improve their golf swings. You probably have the same wish yourself.

3 Simple Steps That Force the Golf Ball To Stay On Target

Hitting the golf ball where you want it to go can be a real challenge. One of the biggest problems has nothing to do with your swing, instead it has to do with how you are aiming your shots. These three easy steps will have you feet and body aiming in the same direction as your eyes (the key to pin point accuracy).

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What Sort of Golf Tees Or Personalized Golf Tees Should You Use?

If you’re a fan of playing golf, you’ve undoubtedly thought about personalized golf tees before. Like a lot of elements in the sport of golf, there are various kinds of golf tees. When you think about getting your own personalized golf tees, needless to say, you’ll want to be informed about the various types.

The Two Most Common Mistakes Golfers Make

Golfers tend to make the same mistakes over and over. They aim too far to the right and use a weak grip. Here are some helpful hints to help you avoid the two most common mistakes golfers make. The number one mistake golfers make is aiming too far to the right. Even players who are aware of this tendency will start aiming farther and farther right as the round progresses, or as stress mounts. Tour players spend hours working on alignment. Aiming to the right forces the player to come over or around and swat at the ball with their hands, producing all manner of ugly shots, but primarily a weak slice to the right.

Golf Tuition – Getting Good Golf Lessons

As with all things in life when you want to accomplish something and hit your target,the fastest way is to actually take lessons. This will improve your game no end but will also enhance and build up your confidence so you master the game more quickly.

Fix Your Swing With Golf Swing Training

A golf swing is a very complex process involving practically every muscle in the human body. Since the swing is so intricate, any wrong movement can ruin the entire attempt. To avoid bad shots, you will want to review your whole swing to verify you are making every movement correctly.

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