Hit your Approach Shots Higher with These Simple Tips

If you’re struggling to hit higher approach shots, then you’re not alone. In this video, we’re going to show you some simple tips that will help you hit your approach shots higher.

By learning these tips, you’ll be able to hit your approach shots with much more authority and confidence. Watch the video and see for yourself how these simple tips will help you hit your approach shots higher!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Conley with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about Three steps that you can take with your Irons to hit your shot trajectories much Higher now I've had the privilege to Play a lot of golf with a lot of very Very good golfers I've also watched a Lot of PGA and LPGA Tour Professionals In person and a huge commonality that I See in their approach game is how Unbelievably high they hit their Approach shots obviously not every Single approach shot goes way in the air Sometimes I need to hit it a little bit Lower or a mid-flight but the majority Of these approach shots they will hit Very high and that allows them to land To land the ball into the green much Much easier which gives them more Control over their Landing Point some of Their Spin and it takes a lot of Complication out of the guesswork in Approach shots now let's start off by Talking about ball position this is the Simplest thing that you can always do in Your golf swing to have some type of Influence on the trajectory of your golf Ball wherever you normally have your Seven iron if you just put that ball one Or two balls forward in your stance you Are going to get a little bit of a Higher ball flight it's the same thing If you want to hit the ball a little bit

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Lower you can put the the ball just a Few balls back in your stance that's a Very easy way to go about changing your Trajectory however it should be noted That if you are putting that ball Position a little bit forward you need To be very conscious and you have to Make an intentional swing at that new Ball position what I mean by that is if The ball is a few inches forward and You're not really thinking and you hit The same exact swing as you would with Any other seven iron you're likely going To hit the ball thin because your low Point control is used to that previous Normal ball position meaning that the The bottom edge of the club is going to Bottom out where the ball normally is And on its way up it's actually going to Make contact with the new ball position Meaning you're going to hit the Leading Edge and miss it thin so you need to be Intentional about you really focus in on Your low Point control when moving that Ball forward in your stance now another Thing that I really like to do is have a Little bit less shoulder tilt downward And weight on the front foot I will say This with caution because whenever I Talk about iron shots I say get that Shoulder a little bit down you know feel That weight forward and go into the ball And we're still going to be doing that We're still going to be going into the

Ball with downward motion at the ball It's just going to be less severe than a Normal shot shape what I mean by that is I like to feel that I'm almost coming up At the ball like a driver but I'm not Going as severe so if I'm hitting an Iron shot I'll generally have my Shoulders in this General Direction with A driver I'll have them pointed up Because of the angle of attack of a Driver and what I'll do is I'll just Level it out a little bit if I want to Hit an iron shot very high again this is Something that you absolutely need to Practice on the golf course because when I first started trying doing this I was Almost hitting all of my iron shots very Thin because I was I was picking up on The ball I was trying to scoop at it and As you know know when you try and scoop At the ball it rarely goes right you Won't see consistent contact you won't Get that ball high up we still need to Be hitting down into the ball just not As severely as a standard golf flight Finally for me one of the biggest keys In hitting these really high iron shots Is a very full complete swing that Concludes in a high finish what I mean By the high finish is you've all if You've ever seen a player hit over trees Or over some type of obstacle you'll Likely see them finish their swing Really high have their hands high and

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It's a very full rotation I find that That swing feel and executing upon That Swing feel helps a lot in getting that Higher trajectory it goes without saying That if you want to get the ball really High in the air you need to put a good Swing at the ball so if you're getting a Full turn back you're you're Shifting The weight a little bit less on that Front foot than you normally would and You have a very full explosive swing Through that ball is absolutely going to Soar higher in the air than you would Anticipate from an normal golf shot so Just to recap we have putting the ball Forward just a few balls in The Stance We have a little bit less weight and Shoulder tilt on the front foot but Still maintaining your weight should be Net positive on that front foot your Your shoulder tilt should be a little Bit down just not as much as normal and Then finally a full swing resulting in a High finish the the height of your Finish is often correlated to the height Of your golf shot if you see people hit A stinger golf shot which goes very low But have a very low finish they'll stop Around shoulder height a mid finish up Here and then a high finish up there so There's definitely some correlation Between finish height and the height of Your golf shot let me know if you're Confident hitting the high golf shot I

Know that it's something that I've Worked on a lot on the Range and after Some work I don't turn to it all the Time but when I turn into it it's Generally a fairly successful Endeavor Obviously it'll never go perfectly well But if you want to implement these three Tips definitely spend some time on the Range before taking your 7 iron out from 180 yards and swinging at it as hard as You can and so take your time with it if You enjoyed this video I would Appreciate it very much if you left a Light grading on it it helps YouTube Show this type of content to more people Who will find it helpful if you want to See more videos like this we have a ton On our channel that you can already Watch and you can also subscribe to see Some of our future uploads and as always Thank you very much for watching play Well and take care [Music]

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