When and How To Chip With Your 3 Wood!

Golf Trophies Are Cool

This article looks at sports trophies in the game of golf. We take a brief look at the history of the sport and few of the basic rules. The main focus of the article is on the acquisition of golf trophies.

Golf Tips for Beginners – Starting Off The Right Way

Taking up the game of golf can bring you many rewards, help you with networking, and get you outside in the sun more often. If you plan to play golf this summer, you might need some golf tips for beginners to give you a good start. Not all golf instructors work well with beginners, but some specialize in this area.

Golf Practice Equipment – 5 Training Aids Every Golfer Should Consider

Most golfers when practicing just use their clubs on the driving range. However, if you want to drop your scores and raise your game to the next level, golf practice equipment can help dramatically. Here are 5 golf practice training aids that every golfer should think about investing in.

Golf Push Carts – For Your Game, Your Health, and Your Wallet

If there was a way for you to improve your health, possibly your golf game, and save yourself a good chunk of money over the course of a season, why wouldn’t you? As a former PGA professional, I can tell you, there is a way for you to potentially do all three. And the neat thing is, it’s surprisingly easy to do. It’s called a golf push cart, and if you’re not using one, you should strongly consider it. You’ll be surprised to see how walking with one of these carts while you play can have a positive effect on each one of these things.

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Playing Better Golf

Learn how to begin playing Golf in the low 80’s, even 70’s. Use the key essentials of golf to produce better scores, more consistency, greater fun, and increased enjoyment. Become a Golfer people admire and wish they were more like.

Five Top Golf Swing Tips Everybody Can Use

Playing golf can become very frustrating and many times, you need golf swing tips to help you. Whether you slice the ball, hook the ball, hit it too high, or hit it too low, you can find tips to help you change your swing. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing and we don’t even know its happening. Here are five basic tips to help you swing better when on the course.

Top Golf Putting Tips for Lower Scores

The only part of golf that really varies from one play to another is putting. This part of the game allows players to use different lengths of putters, different styles, different stances, and doesn’t involve nearly as many fundamentals as the full swing or even a simple chip shot. There isn’t a wrong or right way, but some golf putting tips can still help.

Mistakes to Ignore With Golf Instruction

Many times, we hear different things from those giving us golf instruction. I often hear beginners teaching beginners or those with very little understanding of the game trying to teach someone new to it, when I am at the range. It almost makes me cringe some of the things I hear and the worst comes from a dad or mom teaching a younger golfer the wrong way.

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3 Tips To Hit The Driver 15 Yards Further

Any golfer would love to hit the ball further off the tee, and better yet, straight down the fairway! Hitting your drive further means the hole sets up completely different. Instead of hitting longer irons to the green, you’ll be hitting more wedges and short irons, increasing the chance of a lower score. Here are 3 simple tips to try to hit the driver 15 yards further next time you hit the range.

How Can Ladies Play Better Golf?

As a lady playing golf there are many things you can do to make the game more fun, more enjoyable, more productive. You can learn tips from golf professionals on golf, lessons, rules, course management, proper equipment and etiquette.

An Old Lady Struggles to Get Out on the Golf Course After the Winter

I’m as keen as anyone to get the most from my game of golf but I have seen my form dip recently and I’m trying my best to work out what this is all about. Some of my fellow golfers seem to think that a dip in form is normal this time of year but I’m not so sure. I tend to think it may be more of a personal thing.

Five Golf Instruction Tips for Better Practice

When a golfer goes to the range they tend to hear chatter from other golfers, instructors giving lessons, or just noise that can distract them. Sometimes they hear a tip and think about applying it to their game, when it doesn’t fit at all. The entire reason I am writing this article and giving you my golf instruction tips stems from these things we all hear at the range.

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