Here’s an important golf practice tip to help you make swing changes faster. The concept is to feel it then immediately hit it.

This means you are going to get a feeling of the swing change or movement you’re doing in practice swings first. Once you feel it, you immediately hit the shot trying to replicate the feeling you just had.

Too many people take way too long when they’re trying to learn a new movement as they practice. In doing so, they lose the feeling of the movement or swing change they’re trying to do.

By follow this golf practice tip, and taking way less time before you hit your shot, you’ll be able to apply the very same feeling to your shots.

A lot of swing changes are tricky and take focus on that very thing. If you work on too many things or take too long before you hit your shots, you’ll have trouble doing the new moves.

So remember this golf practice tip and try it with both irons and driver. If so, you’ll finally be able to feel the new moves when you swing.

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