3 Golf Shots Every Golfer Must Learn (Golf Course Management)

There are many different golf shots to learn, but learning these 3 golf shots will help you save strokes with better golf course management, and learn how to play better golf nearly every round.

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Shot 1: How to Hit a Flop Shot – you have maybe a bunker in between you and the green, or maybe it’s uphill with little green to work with. In any event, you have to fly the ball with little roll. Grab a club with a lot of loft, open the club face, get the ball center to slightly back in the stance. Have the weight slightly forward in your stance, and make a nice long, smooth swing, allowing the club to slide right underneath the ball nice and easy.

Shot 2: How to Hit Fairway Bunker Shots – you probably never practice this type of shot, but it can be easy to navigate. First, grab a little more club for the shot. If you normally would use an 8 iron, grab a 7 iron. Next, move the ball back a bit in the stance, and choke down slightly on the club. When it comes to the swing, you want to have a 3/4 length swing, and keep your chest and head tall, to catch the ball before the sand. In a greenside bunker shot, you want to throw sand. In a fairway bunker, play it like an iron shot.

Shot 3: Punch Shot Golf Swing – even the best golfers have to hit shots out of trees now and again, so you need to learn how to hit a punch shot in golf to navigate most rounds. To do so, grab a lower lofted club to help keep that trajectory down. Sounds simple, but often golfers will grab a pitching wedge because they’re 100 yards out, and launch the ball into the trees. Next, move the ball back in the stance slightly, choke down on the club again, and make an abbreviated swing, at 3/4 speed as well. Generally speaking, the faster you swing the club, the higher the ball tends to go.

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Use these 3 simple golf lessons to help you navigate these 3 once-feared golf shots with more confidence and ability!

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