Hit The 200-225 Yard Shot with Ease Using these Tips!

In this video, we’re going to teach you how to hit the 200-225 yard shot with ease. By following these tips, you’ll be able to hit the ball in a straight line and improve your accuracy and consistency drastically!

If you’re looking to improve your long iron/hybrid golf shots, then this video is for you. By learning how to hit the 200-225 yard shot, you’ll be able to improve your score and put yourself in great positions to score on the course.

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Khan and scratch golf tips and Today we are going to be talking about Your golf shots most specifically your Approach shots from 200 to 225 or so Yards now this particular yardage is Certainly a pain point in most golfers Games and there are a few reasons for This so in today's video we're going to Be talking about the three things that You can do to improve your play from These numbers now the first thing that We really need to nail down on these Longer shots especially longer approach Shots with hybrids or long irons is the Swing Tempo when I say swing Tempo I'm Referring to the Rhythm at which you Swing your golf club the Rhythm at which You take the club back and swing through The golf ball when you have a lot of Golf shot it can be intuition to take The club back a little bit faster but That will disrupt your swing a good bit So be sure to stay deliberate keep your Swing Tempo the same as you would with Other clubs whether it be a driver or Whether it be a wedge shot from 110 Yards out we need to keep this 10 bow The same the more consistent we keep our Tempo the more consistent our swing Mechanics will be the more consistent Our ball striking will be and these Shots cannot be hit well they cannot be Solid in terms of proximity to whole

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Unless we are striking the ball well Going off that number two we're going to Talk about swing speed now this is a Very pivotal part of these shots many Golfers when they have 210 yards out and Maybe they're hitting a four hybrid just For example they feel this need to crush The golf ball they feel the need to do That and they're not doing it in terms Of rotation they're doing it in terms of Swinging the club as hard as they can as Many of you know when we try and swing The club super hard it rarely comes at a Good result to the golfer it's very Important on these shots to trust your Club and what I mean by that is if You're hitting a five iron and you're Hitting a four iron there's no need to Swing that four iron faster it's going To go longer because the dynamic Loft on That club is lower meaning it's going to Go into intrinsically further there's no Pressure there's no need to swing super Hard with these clubs if you keep a Standard swing speed and a standard Swing Tempo that's going to do a lot of Good for you in your striking with these Longer shots finally the angle of attack Is something that messes up a lot of Golfers on these shots especially when You're looking at hitting these shots to A green with a hybrid or wood now when I'm talking about the angle of attack Imagine this being the ground the angle

Of attack is the angle at which your Club hits the ball with the driver we Want a upward angle of attack with an Iron especially a wedge we want a Downward angle of attack now because we Have an upward angle of attack with the Driver say you have a four hybrid many Golfers will think okay I need to pick This ball off the turf I need to have an Upward angle of attack because it's a Wood this is not true it's super Difficult to try and pick that ball off The ground unless you're on a par 3 Where you have a t that makes it a Little bit easier but it's still not Advantageous to do so it is very Important with these hybrids especially And even a 5 wood or three wood we want To be doing something called bruising The ground right after the golf ball so If if the center is this ball we want to Be hitting the ball and just getting a Few Blades of grass after the ball well And if you have a Ford hybrid you might Even take a little divot with that That's totally fine but it's important Not to pick these shots when we think About the past and a lot of the 200 and 225 yard shots very rarely are those Shots chunked they're more often finned Or even topped and that's because we're Trying to pick it and if you pick it and You hit the equator of the golf ball or Even above the equator it's just gonna

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It'll go 10 15 yards because you topped It and you tried to pick so if we really Focus on Tempo and swing speed which are Two facets of the actual golf swing and The angle of attack which is an Important facet at transition just Having an awareness of those having an Awareness of where those ills lie in the Golf swing from 200 to 225 yards you You'll see a lot of benefit you'll see Better ball striking if you work on Alignment with that better ball striking The proximity to hole will increase Greatly having more confidence over These shots is imperative for lower Scores there will certainly be a few Long par fours and even getable par Fives where that close proximity to the Hole will allow you to scramble great For par or even put yourself in great Position for birdie or even Eagle let me Know what you think about these tips and If you struggle from 200 to 225 yards And you have more questions let me know If you find yourself fairly good at These shots leave it in the comment Section down below what you've done to Improve your game from that range if you Want to see more content like this you Can go through our Channel we have a Bunch of other uploads on all different Aspects of golf and improving Golf and If you want to see our future uploads Feel free to subscribe to the channel as

Always thank you very much for watching Play well and take care Foreign [Music]

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