THE SECRET TO AWESOME DRIVES IS TO HAVE NICE LONG CARRIES WITH LOW SPIN AND THIS STARTS AT ADDRESS! Many of the long drive competitors use this set up or get through the EXACT SAME impact dynamics as what we show you in this video. The best player ever to have the most incredible driver stat of 91% fairways hit lifetime average is Moe Norman and he used this set up to a tee. It is so logical and works so well, that you will be asking yourself “how come I never thought of that?”

Check out Moe Norman’s Wisdom in Golf Legacy with our very own Edouard Montaz at

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00:00 Shawn Clement Introduces the golf lesson
01:05 How to set up with the driver to hit the ball on the way up to the target
04:27 How to set up with your driver w/ Savvy
08:18 Using Goldilocks to help you get aligned to the target w/ Mu
10:55 Shawn Clement Concludes the lesson

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