Golf Swing Extension – How to Release your Arms & Hands after Impact

Golf Swing Extension and Rotation – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to rotate your hands and arms (release) after impact with the golf ball, for consistently straight shots.

Immediately after impact with the golf ball, you should feel as though the golf club extends right down the line of your target. Imagine the golf club is very heavy and how that would straighten and extend your arms away rather than them buckling and wrapping around your body.

► Impact Golf Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– Aiming for a good extension position will ensure a good impact position, since the body tends to prepare itself for what’s ahead.

– Extend the hands away from the body, keeping both arms straight.

– Hands should rotate over naturally, as the club goes around your body and switches over to the left side of your body.

– Your spine angle should still match the one set at address at this point.

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