Golf Grip: Perfect Right Hand Grip Placement

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Golf Grip Right Hand Placement

In this video I talk about the right hand of the golf grip, or the bottom hand of the grip. This is a very tough thing to achieve. It will feel very weak and very awkward but in the long run it will increase your consistency and distance. This will of course in turn lower your scores and that is never a bad thing. The correct golf grip is key to having a better game.

Over the many years of my teaching I have found that this is usually the one area that everybody needs help with and that not many people have the proper golf grip. When working on something like this it takes perseverance. It will feel bad for a couple of weeks, this is your only connection to the golf club.

The golf grip is key to achieving lower scores. The right hand needs to be in a neutral to weak position. Out of the three knuckle sections of your fingers, the club needs to be held in the middle or second knuckle section. Then try to cover your top hand thumb with you palm of your lower hand.

This way your golf swing will be freer and easier to make good solid contact with the ball. After looking at many student’s grips, not many people have the club in a good position. If you want to achieve a better grip, play better golf and lower your score then this tip is critical for you.

The right hand golf grip will determine the clubface angle. When you start to change the face angle this can make it very difficult to hit straight shots. With hitting crooked shots, this then can make golf a very tough sport. If you want to become a better player this is the first step in becoming one. Not many good players have a bad grip. Keep working on this and you in turn will be on the road to becoming a better player.

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