Golf Flexibility for Seniors – From the Mat Edition

The Digital Golf Doc takes you through a 13 minute session for senior golfers looking to improve their flexibility.

Flexibility is key for any golfer, especially older ones

If you can’t keep your body in shape then you probably can’t keep your golf game in shape

I know many golfers who spend all their time and money going to a chiropractor or getting injections when all they really need is a good yoga class

But I DON’T HAVE TIME for a golf yoga routine I hear everyone say

I get it, I’m busy too – but it’s not a good excuse anymore

Yoga for golfers is designed for the golfer who doesn’t have time – videos can be as short as 5 minutes, can be done from anywhere, and setup takes virtually no time at all

Much better than those boring golf flexibility exercises you pulled off Google or that stretching for golf flexibility e-book you download, but never used

If you’re ready to take your golf game to the next level, the Digital Golf Doc can get you there

Start today!

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✅ Hit it farther
✅Hit it more consistent
✅Avoid injury
✅Play until your 100
✅Shoot your age as you age

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Worried the video will be too hard for you because of your age?


Yoga for senior golfers is important to me

That’s why I provide lots of options, plenty of rest breaks, and TONS of videos so that anyone can partake and I promise yoga will do WAY BETTER than plain, boring golf flexibility exercises for seniors that I see floating around the internet

– – – – – – – – – –

The Digital Golf Doc is Dr. Joseph Combs PT, DPT from Cincinnati, OH.

– Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy (7 years of training on how the body works)
⭐ Lookup license here:

– Titleist Performance Institute Certified – Level 1 & 2 Medical, Level 1 Fitness, Level 1 & 2 Power (an intimate understanding of how the body behaves in the golf swing)
⭐ Lookup TPI certification here:

– Background in biomechanics research (5 years) working in a movement analysis laboratory

– Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

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