Golf Backswing: How To Coil

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Golf Backswing

In this video I show you the golf backswing coil. This is essential in creating the necessary torque for a repeatable golf swing.

Once you learn how to coil you couple it with the uncoil for a powerful consistent swing. You gain consistency because you are winding up your body like a spring. Like a spring, as you coil you get a tight wound up feeling in your shoulder area. This tightness tells you that you have torque.

The problem is, most people avoid this tight feeling as the go back by raising up, turning the hips too much, straightening the back leg, lifting the forward heel or swaying.

In order to create the torque you cannot avoid the tight feeling. You must use it to develop this spring-like effect in your swing.

The golf backswing coil is not that hard to achieve once you know how to get it and you don’t avoid doing it. It truly is an amazing feeling when you hit your shots when you are using this spring-like effect. Gone this the feeling of just whacking at the ball with just your hands and arms.

Now you can finally start hitting the ball with the power and simple look of a pro. Once you get it you will never want to go back to just using the arms to hit the ball.

Do you want to learn more about the golf backswing and other swing positions?

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