GOLF AND THE GRAIL OF LONG DRIVES-What YOU and PGA TOUR Players can learn from LONG DRIVE Champions!

AFTER THE INTRODUCTION TO OUR NEW BOOK, THE GOLF AND THE GRAIL, We talk about the 3 main aspects of long drive techniques that have transferred to the PGA TOUR from the longest drivers of the golf ball on the planet on the World Long Drive Tour such as Kyle Berkshire. This is a huge show!! You will see how Munashe Masawi (MU for short) achieves 128 MPH club speed with the driver after only 3 years and hitting up to 375 yards with it as well as Savannah Meyer-Clement (Savy for short) has now achieved 106.4 MPH for her 122 LBS frame and is mow hitting over 285 yards consistently!! Yours truly holds steady at 115 MPH club speed with drives at 315 yards average at 55 years of age.

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This book is not yet another manual on how to play golf. Its author is neither a player nor a professional teacher. This is the pupils’ book. It is the first of its kind, which makes it unique. It gives an account of the apprentice golfer’s quest for perfection, authenticity, and beauty and the long, hard road that must be traveled to achieve this. The journey of initiation necessarily precedes initiation to the golf course.
In doing so, this book brings to light philosophy in the literal sense of the word: the love of wisdom. as described by Shawn Clement, the founding father of Wisdom in Golf, and transmitted throughout Europe by Édouard Montaz, his brilliant disciple.
Édouard and Virgile. Master and pupil. The pupil who learns from the master, who in turn learns from the pupil. This virtuous exchange opens up the path to inspired golf. And overturns the normal order of things. Indeed, it brings with it a revelation that sheds new light on the Arthurian legend and the quest for the Grail.

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00:00 Shawn introduces his new BOOK and then the lesson w/ Sav & Mu
03:34 Concept 1- The backswing
08:00 Concept 2 – Squatting in the lead leg (big help from the swing caddy)
17:08 Mu uses the techniques we discussed.
22:10 Concept 3 – Focused exercises that develop proper engagement of the kinetic chain
29:23 Shawn explains the first two techniques with the irons R-H perspective
30:49 Shawn explains the driver R-H Perspective

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