GOLF: An Effortless Way To Create Compression

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Everyone I’ve ever met in golf wants to hit the ball more solid. We interchange the term “compression” with hitting the ball solid. It means the same thing, but there are some fundamental measurable things that create compression.

There’s a thing called spin loft. Spin loft is the difference between angle of attack – how much you hit down on the ball – and your dynamic loft. It creates an angle. The smaller the angle, the more compression, the larger the less compression. So, what we can control to create compression is dynamic loft.

A club has a certain amount of loft. If I do everything else in my swing the same, same speed, same everything else, but I de-loft loft the club, that will create compression and solid contact. Everything we talk about in golf – setup, backswing, downswing, weight transfer, rotation, wrist angles, whatever – is only designed to get the dynamic loft down.


If I hold a club with the shaft straight up and down and then push the handle more forward and create shaft lean, it will take loft off. So, we know we need to take loft off and we know we can do that by pushing the handle forward. The way I do this is through wrist angles.

The left hand and left wrist absolutely control how much shaft lean I have. If I were to flatten my left wrist out and do nothing else, it creates an angle to the shaft. And if I bow my left wrist, the club head will go farther behind my hands. The more I bow my left wrist, the more shaft lean and the more compression.

In addition to that, if I bend my right wrist back, I’ll create even more of an angle. You must rotate your arms with this as well. If I do those two things together and rotate my arms, it creates a huge angle and lowers the dynamic loft.

If you’re not hitting the ball solid, you should spend a good amount of your warm up or practice range session taking a short iron and going from hip-high to hip-high practicing wrist conditions until you pure the ball. Figure out the direction second.


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