Eye Dominance in Putting

If you have been having problems with your putting and can’t figure out why; i.e. your stroke feels good, but nothings going in the hole, it may be the result of a faulty set-up with the root cause being the positioning of your head and dominant eye.

If you are trail eye dominant; right-handed and right eye dominant, or left-handed and left eye dominant, the tendency is to move your head – often by opening your shoulders (in relationship to the target line) so your dominant eye can see the hole. When the shoulders open it is too easy for the path of the putter head to follow along the shoulder line and NOT the target line with the end result being missed putts.

NOTE: The dominant eye sights the target in every activity we do…when you are looking at the target while performing the motion. Putting is one of the rare activities (a tennis serve is the other) where you are not looking at where you want the ball to go while performing the motion.

To combat this make sure the ball position is somewhere between the back of the ball placed at the center of the sternum or within 4″ to the target side of that. This often places the ball somewhere under the lead eye or very close to it. As a result, the head will more likely swivel in allowing the dominant eye to sight the target, without opening the shoulders. Your mind is at ease that this has happened and your stroke goes in the direction it should.

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