Tips Video 3: Putting in the Golf Club 2019 (final Video) AndyKapt20 #tgc2019 #PGA2k21 #tgc19

Welcome to video number 3: Putting.

In this video i will take a look at my own technique for putting and show you some more examples to help you sink more putts.

North47 video:

I am aware there are LOADS of information regarding putting out there and this might not work. The video may seem slightly confusing and overwhelming but i wanted to include everything and to be honest, once you get this fine tuned and work at it…it will take less than 5 seconds to work out a putt (for me it is anyways…)

So enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments section, make sure to give the video a like and subscribe if you haven’t done.


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OK, Bye!!!

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