Effortless Golf Swing Drill: You’ll be amazed how easy it is!

With this golf swing drill, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to create a smooth, effortless swing. With this drill, you’ll be able to develop a swing that’s both powerful and accurate, no matter your skill level.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to swing correctly with this simple exercise. After doing this drill, you’ll be able to swing with more confidence and consistency!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George Conley with scratch golf tips and Today we're going to be talking about The effortless golf swing now most People who have any interest in golf are Somewhat obsessed with the idea of an Effortless golf swing having a golf Swing that just seems simple we've seen People like Colin murakawa Fred Couples Max Homer Ernie Ells have these Big Easy Golf swings and how how do they make it So effortless Now these simple and very important Answer to that question is your swing Rhythm or your tempo for those Unfamiliar your swing Rhythm or Tempo is Just the time relationship between your Backswing and your transition swing so If you have very fast tempo you have a Quick backswing like John ROM or Matt Fitzpatrick and if you have a slower Tempo you take it away very slowly and Deliberately like Xander schoffler or Max Homa all right so we know that Tempo Is what creates the effortless golf Swing how can we actively work on tempo Personally a drill that I really like is A forward and backward drill where you Have the club on the ground and then you Swing it Forward just about up to your Hip and then you begin your takeaway and It flows a little bit more through Transition I'll have a video of that Drill on your screen now a lot of other

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People like to have a metronome in their Head where they go one two three and They have the club back and they bring It down one two some people work with That I've know I've noticed that there Are especially people who have great Rhythm perhaps you play an instrument or You grew up playing instruments if you Have a sense of Rhythm having that Metronome internally can really promote An effortless golf swing additionally Something as simple as thinking of a Golfer in your takeaway who has a very Slow deliberate takeaway has helped a Lot of people I know that myself Personally when I wanted to slow down my Takeaway and create this image and the Swing feeling of a more effortless golf Swing I would always think about calling More kawas golf swing we all know that Colin more cow has a very deliberate Swing but he really through transition Shallows the club out nicely plays a Nice baby fade and it's a it's a very Solid effortless and most importantly Repeatable golf swing another drill you Can do to create good movement Throughout the backswing and in Transition is the step drill so to do The step drill you can stand up as if You're hitting a shot as normal and then You take your front foot and bring it All the way back to your back foot so That those two feet are touching and

Your Club is ahead of you and then when You move into your backswing you bring Those hands back and then in transition You bring that front foot and you step Into it almost like a baseball player Steps into a shot and that's a great way To not really work on the takeaway but Work on the movement into that downswing To create a really smooth and complete Golf swing that so many people really Want to have And above everything else if you're Really looking to have an effortless Golf swing you'd need to practice it There's no way around it when you really Want to work on something in the golf Swing you want to improve your Consistency you want to improve the way Your swing feels the way it looks the Results that come from the club face you Need to put in the time and the effort And it's not always you know great for The average weekend warrior who doesn't Have a ton of time but you need to learn How to manage your expectations but if You're really committed to creating this Effortless golf swing if you have this Image in your mind then go to the range And put in that work and this is Especially important to do while you're On the Range film yourself when you film Yourself you can get very instantaneous Feedback from an external point of view On how you're looking now when we're

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Talking about an effortless golf swing This is especially important because you Know an effortless golf swing when you See it but you don't know what those People feel so you need to see your own Swing from an objective point of view Film yourself from behind and from caddy View just to get a few different angles And continuously film yourself as you're Going through this process you can Upload it or you can just look at it on Your camera roll but compare where You're at throughout the sessions Throughout time and if you can't really See a difference on your screen in your Filming and you can't feel a difference In your swing and you're not scoring any Different then it's time to take a Different approach I'd love to hear your Thoughts on the effortless golf swing do You think it's attainable do you think It should be attained do you think it's Something that people should go after or Not leave it on the comment section Below we read and respond to all the Comments on these YouTube videos If you Enjoyed this video please leave a like Rating which shows me that you enjoyed It and it helps YouTube show this video To more people subscribe to the YouTube Channel and check out our other videos If you're actively looking to improve Your golf and as always thank you very Much for watching play well and take