On the Course with my Edel Single Length Irons | Simplified Single Plane Swing #subscribe #golftips

I finally get the chance to give you all a course vlog featuring the Edel Single Length Iron set and my Simplified Single Plane Swing System.

Check out www.724golf.com for great apparel and singlelengthschool.com for lessons and our on-demand simplified single plane swing system.

I play 4 holes at my home course and attempt to finish +1 or better over the 4 holes. Can I do it?

In addition to the Edels, I also feature the Cobra RadSpeed driver.

Watch and learn how I practice golfing smarter, not harder to lower my score. You can do the same. Single Length or One Length Irons are an easy way to start playing better golf.

The 4 holes I play feature 2 par 5s and 2 par 4s. I threw a dart or two in there and could I have possibly eagled, or birdied a few? Watch more to find out.

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