Simple Way To Stop Topping The Golf Ball

In this tip, I show you a simple way to stop topping the golf ball.

Topping is one of the most common swing flaws in golf. We have all hit these shots before. Typically, these topped shots are caused from coming out of the shot or lifting up as you hit the ball. It can also be caused by hitting hard with the arms. This simple way to stop topping the ball will help you delay your reaction to see your shot until after you hit it allowing you to make more solid contact.

This tip is not only for beginners who top the ball regularly but it’s also for more experienced players as we all hit these shots from time to time. Give this simple way to stop topping the golf ball a try both at home doing practice swings and at the range and you will see your topped shots disappear in no time.

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In this tip we are using our trusty pen Or Sharpie or a straw or a golf tee you Could use a golf tee too and that is Going to help us stop topping the golf Ball so what we're going to do is we're Going to put the pan in our mouth Now When we go back into the backswing the Pen actually moves a little bit because We are coiling And shifting okay so the pen is actually A little bit behind the ball for this One if we want to stop topping though we Don't want the pen To immediately start pointing towards Our Target what we're going to try and Do is keep the pen pointing more at the Ball as we hit the ball so right here Like this here's the fan we go like this Then we point the pen Towards the target okay actually Slightly left of Target if you're a Righty right of Target if you're a lefty So the pen is an indicator of where we Are looking As we hit the golf ball so if we've got The pen here just try to keep the pin at The ball as long as possible then let it Move so if I do it from the front like This so right here I'm going to go Point the pen here Get through it Then turn the pen Towards where the ball is going because

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You don't want to be too stuck you don't Want to go You know that's too resisted But a lot of people you know they're Hitting the ball and they're coming out Of where's where's my shot it's like If you look before you've actually done It you're gonna stand up and top the Ball And why do you stand up and look Because you're hitting too hard you know You're trying to hit the ball real hard Well if you try to hit something really Hard it's human nature to want to see What you did to it so you're gonna go Like this ah you know you're really Going to hit hard and then you look Where is it So if you can just keep the pen pointing Where the ball is Right here Then point the pen that'll keep you on Your spine angle So then you're not coming out of your Shots okay pretty simple got the pen Maybe do that around the house for a Little bit get a little comfortable with It and then just do what I did there Just little easy drill I'd probably tee Up the ball Little tiny swings you know right here Then point it out that way so just Little easy ones at first just to kind Of get a feel for it and then maybe do a

Few full ones so you know hopefully that Helps you cure your topping hopefully You understand it I truly hope you've Enjoyed this tip here's another tip That's going to help you improve your Swing now right below that don't forget To click on that link because I'm going To send you some free samples of my body Swing book and video series that'll take You step by step by step through how to Build a powerful effortless pain-free Golf swing

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