What You Can Learn From Viktor Hovland’s Swing

Viktor Hovland is one of the best golfers in the world, with 7 professional wins in his young career, many weeks spent in the Top 10 of the OWGR, and a bright future ahead.

In this video, we break down Hovland’s swing, and analyze aspects of it that any amateur golfer can learn from.

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in on George Conley with scratch golf tips Today we are going to be doing another Swing analysis we're going to be looking At the swing of Victor hovland this Video was taken during round two at the 2022 Arnold Palmer Invitational Um in this tournament Holland would go On to finish in second place just one Shot off Scotty sheffler so we're going To be breaking down his swing and some Aspects of it that I think any amateur Golfer can look at and certainly learn a Thing or two from I always start off the Swing analysis with looking at the tempo Of the golf swing we've done the Analysis of John ROM's golf swing and Obviously ROM has ROM's a pretty prime Example of one of the faster tempos in Golf him and Matt Fitzpatrick you kind Of think of as two of the golfers who Have a faster more rushed takeaway and Then you have the guys on the slow end Like morakau or sung JM hovland is just Right in the middle of them I would say This is one of the most standard Tempo Swings that you can see Not too rushed at all but certainly not Overly deliberate where tension will Build up in the arms so I think I've Always warned against replicating Certain aspects of your swing to players That you see on the television but I Think an exception of that is tempo if

You can see someone's Tempo and think of It in your mind and replicate that as a Swing thought as you're taking your own Club back I think that's something that Can definitely be helpful to a lot of Golfers it certainly helped me slow down My Tempo so if you need a slower Tempo Think of one of those players that I Mentioned earlier more cow or M if you Have a Tempo that's too deliberate you Can think of something faster but There's no lack of control Tempo wise rhythmically in hovland swing And that that's clear to see he's Obviously one of the best ball Strikers On tour with long irons I don't think There's anyone more consistent with his Ball strike and then hogland so from a Tempo and Rhythm standpoint there's a Lot to learn another thing that's always Important that's not necessarily a Mechanic but more just fundamental is The balance in the golf swing you'll Rarely see hovland off balance in his Golf swing he always finishes fairly High with his hands and you see him kind Of come through impact leveraging the Ground and continue to push up through The ground after impact and what that Creates is not only a lot of power Through the golf swing leveraging the Ground but it also creates such a stable Base to build that power off of that It's almost difficult to be off balance

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So if you think about your own golf game Maybe you're trying to hit a club a Little extra far you're trying to hit Your seven iron five yards longer you May finish that swing and then you can't Hold your finishing position you kind of Fall to the left or fall to the right It's kind of an awkward motion and That's because you don't have a stable Base and you're swinging far too too Hard but if you're able to have a more Stable base at a dress and then push up On that leading leg to create more power Not only are you going to get that extra Yard as you desire but you can be more Stable you're going to have much more Balance and the huge key with balance is If your balance is consistent your Weight transfer will be consistent and Your low Point control will be Consistent hovland has excellent low Point control anyone who plays golf Professionally has exceptional low Point Control and when I say low Point control I'm just referring to When is the lowest point of your swing With irons obviously that low point Should be right after the ball I'll put A freeze frame up here you can see that Lowest point of the Swing when hoblin Takes the divot if you can keep that low Point control consistent your ball Striking will be consistent unless You're inconsistent with your ball

Positioning but that's a very easy thing To maintain so leveraging the ground Here is key for hovland and it's very Key for his balance and that's another Thing that many golfers can learn from Hopland's motion and while we're talking About hovland's post impact position Notice his head position this is a Little bit unusual comparatively to some Other golfers his size and golfers who Can hit it as far as Holland does even Through you know a few frames after the Ball has been struck when that club is Almost at his hip level through the ball His head is still down and his head is Almost down behind the ball at this Point which is fairly unusual I've made A video on and the whole keep your head Down philosophy and how it can be very Good advice for some beginner golfers Who struggle hitting the ball and it can Also be very restrictive advice for Golfers who are being restricted Obviously by feeling the need to keep The head down as that will facilitate Worse rotation with the upper body if That head stays down if you're the Center of your ribs stay on the ball Then how are you going to be able to Rotate your upper body properly it's Very difficult whenever you're looking At a example of not keeping your head Down and seeing success you look at Someone like Dustin Johnson who at

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Impact his head is well in front of the Ball and obviously thus Johnson is a Major Champion he's won plenty on the PGA tour so it's worked for him Hoffland Is the exact opposite of that you know Like I said not only is his head not in Front of the ball his head is well Behind the ball not only at impact but Well post impact so this is a a very Interesting Dynamic that he has because You know his upper body rotation through The takeaway is good he's a strong Flexible young man through the ball it's A little bit delayed because of that Head motion but because he's a big guy With a lot of strength it really isn't Going to take any yardage off of his Game it's the same thing with the John Ron analysis I did earlier these guys Are so big strong and talented that they Don't need to have to generate a ton of Power in the golf swing itself because Their body and their makeup already does It for them now that that that's for big Guys like you know John Ron Victor Hovland and then you'll see the smaller Guys like Justin Thomas or Rory McIlroy Who are certainly strong but they do Need to work a little bit harder because Their their frame isn't as conducive to Hitting those long shots but those are Three very interesting aspects of hop on Swing I think a lot of people don't Realize especially looking at it slowed

Down from this angle this is a video That I took myself so I don't think a Lot of people have seen hovland from This range swinging these types of shots I've always liked this angle which is Referred to as the caddy view because You can really see the weight transfer You can also see a little bit about that Balance that I spoke about earlier and The utilization of rotation throughout The golf swing just for context here I Believe this was the par 3 on the front Nine of Bay Hill so it was playing Around 210 here so I'm guessing Holland Had a five iron in hand like I said Earlier hovland is one of the best mid To Long iron players out there I feel Like every time you watch him on a Broadcast he's putting from 10 feet for Eagle because he's sticking those long Irons but there's so much to learn from This thing like hovland I'd love to hear Your thoughts on his swing if you have Any and if you learn anything from this Video feel free to leave that in the Comment section down below or leave a Like rating any likes help not only me Understand what type of content you're Enjoying but it helps YouTube see that People are enjoying this content and it Helps YouTube show this content to more People who will find it helpful so I Appreciate any like ratings you can Leave if you want to see more content

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Like this in terms of Swing analysis we Also do a ton of just golf tips in General golf advice generalized as well As a lot of drills that can help you Become more confident on the golf course So if you want to see more of that you Can subscribe to our channel to see more Content you can also go through our Channel we have over 150 uploads and you Can watch all those back you know They're not going anywhere so feel free To watch those as well as always thank You very much for watching play well and Take care [Music]