Disc Golf Rules For Beginners!

Disc Golf Rules For Beginners!

Just like any sport, there are always some important rules that must be followed whether you are a recreational or professional player. So what are the most important rules to know for disc golf so you can get out and play today?! Well luckily today on JustDisc, the PDGA rules have been broken down to provide you with the most important ones to know!

Rule #1 – Throwing Order
Rule #2 – Marking & Throwing From Your Lie
Rule #3 – Out of Bounds (O.B) & Hazard
Rule #4 – Mandatory (mando) Mandatories
Rule #5 – Moving obstacles
Rule #6 – 10 meter/33-foot Rule when Putting

NOTE – There are a few things to clarify/correct regarding some of the rules:

Rule #3 – Out of Bounds (O.B) & Hazard
– You take up to 1-meter perpendicular from the O.B. Avoiding taking relief closer to the basket does not apply (unlike ball golf).

Rule #5 – Moving obstacles
-You can move loose debris (i.e. things that are not attached).

Rule #6 – 10 meter/33-foot Rule
-There is no re-putt on a stance violation or warning. You simply putt from where your disc lands and incur a +1-penalty stroke (changed in 2018)/
-After having released a putt, the player must demonstrate full control of balance behind the marker disc before advancing toward the target. The disc therefore DOES NOT have to have finished it’s flight or be resting in the basket before you can step forward.
-You need to ANY supporting point of contact behind your lie. It COULD be your foot, but it could also be something like your knee

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