Breaking Royal Liverpool (The Open special!)

As I sit here reflecting on my incredible experience of breaking Royal Liverpool, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment. This blog post is dedicated to sharing my journey during The Open special, where I had the privilege of challenging myself on this prestigious golf course. Join me as I recount the awe-inspiring moments, unforgettable challenges, and personal triumphs that defined my time at Royal Liverpool. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let me take you on an adventure through my unforgettable journey at this iconic golfing destination.

Breaking Royal Liverpool (The Open special!)


Hey there, golf enthusiasts! I’m Rick Shiels, a golf YouTuber, and I’m here to take you on an exciting journey as I break down Royal Liverpool, one of the iconic venues for The Open Championship. Join me as I explore the challenges and thrills of this esteemed golf course. In this video, I am accompanied by James Robinson, an ex-tour pro, as we undertake the mission of achieving our individual score goals. Let’s dive in and discover all that Royal Liverpool has to offer!

Heading 1: Getting to Know Rick Shiels Golf

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Heading 2: Exploring Royal Liverpool

Royal Liverpool is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious venues for The Open Championship. Located in Hoylake, England, this links-style golf course has a remarkable history and showcases breathtaking views of the coast. The course boasts challenging fairways, undulating greens, and treacherous bunkers, making it a true test for any golfer.

Heading 3: Teeing Off at Royal Liverpool

In this special Open Championship episode, James Robinson and I are filled with anticipation and excitement as we approach the first tee. With the crowd cheering, we prepare to embark on our mission to break Royal Liverpool. The atmosphere is electric, and we are determined to showcase our skills on this hallowed ground.

Heading 4: The Challenges of Royal Liverpool

Royal Liverpool presents a number of unique challenges that require accuracy and strategy. From the strategically placed bunkers to the unpredictable winds coming off the coast, every shot demands precision and careful consideration. The undulating fairways and subtle breaks on the greens add to the complexity of the course, making it a true golfer’s paradise.

Heading 5: Our Journey on the Course

As we make our way through Royal Liverpool, James and I encounter an array of thrilling moments and unexpected twists. Each hole presents its own set of challenges, and we rely on our skills and experience to navigate the course successfully. The competition between us intensifies, pushing us to elevate our game to new heights.

Sub-heading 1: Standout Holes

Throughout our round at Royal Liverpool, there were a few standout holes that left a lasting impression. The 10th hole, a challenging par 4, tested our abilities with its treacherous bunkers and tight fairway. On the 16th hole, a par 5, we experienced the sheer beauty of the course’s coastal views while strategizing our way to the green. These memorable moments added an extra layer of excitement to our gameplay.

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Our day at Royal Liverpool was filled with camaraderie, competition, and an unwavering passion for the game of golf. The course provided the perfect setting for us to explore our abilities and strive for greatness. We hope that through this video, you have gained a glimpse into the challenges and joys that Royal Liverpool has to offer. Keep swinging those clubs, and never stop pursuing your golfing dreams!


  1. Q: Will I find helpful tips and advice on Rick Shiels Golf’s YouTube channel?
    A: Absolutely! Rick Shiels Golf provides a wealth of helpful tips and advice to improve your golf game.

  2. Q: How often does Rick Shiels Golf upload new content?
    A: Rick Shiels Golf uploads new videos regularly, ensuring you stay updated with the latest in the golfing world.

  3. Q: Can I expect honest reviews on golf equipment from Rick Shiels Golf?
    A: Yes, Rick Shiels Golf is known for his honest and unbiased reviews of golf equipment, helping you make informed decisions.

  4. Q: Who is James Robinson, the ex-tour pro playing with Rick Shiels at Royal Liverpool?
    A: James Robinson is an ex-tour professional golfer who brings his expertise to the game as he joins Rick Shiels at Royal Liverpool.

  5. Q: What makes Royal Liverpool a special golf course for The Open Championship?
    A: Royal Liverpool’s rich history, challenging layout, and stunning coastal views make it a highly regarded venue for The Open Championship.

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