The SECRET To Getting out of Wet Sand Bunkers

As I stand on the edge of the wet sand bunker, I can feel the familiar sinking feeling in my stomach. But, armed with the secret technique I’m about to share with you, getting out of these tricky bunkers will no longer be a daunting task.

The SECRET To Getting out of Wet Sand Bunkers


Howdy folks! Today, I’m excited to spill the beans on a topic that many golfers find puzzling – how to tackle those tricky wet sand bunkers. Playing golf shots from these damp traps can be a real head-scratcher, but fear not, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to help you conquer them like a pro.

Get a Grip and Square Club Face

When faced with a wet sand bunker, the first thing I do is ensure my grip is firm and my club face is square. This helps prevent the club from twisting in my hands and ensures better contact with the ball.

Adjusting My Approach in Florida’s Wet Conditions

Living in Florida means dealing with its fair share of wet weather, which can turn sand traps into mini quagmires. To counter this, I adapt my technique by taking a less sweeping motion and focusing on a more controlled swing.

Embrace the Shallow Swing and Closed Stance

In wet bunkers, I ditch the traditional high backswing for a shallower arc to prevent digging in too deep. I also opt for a closed stance to promote a more compact and powerful strike.

Less Sand Contact, More Success

The key to a successful wet bunker shot is to aim for minimal sand contact. By skimming the surface instead of digging down, you can prevent the club from getting stuck and ensure a clean shot.

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Hit the Ball Lower for Better Connection

When the sand is soggy, hitting the ball lower can help you achieve solid contact. A lower trajectory lessens the chance of getting stuck in the sand, giving you a smoother shot.

Accelerate Through for Spin

For that extra finesse, focus on accelerating through the ball. A good follow-through not only adds spin to the shot but also ensures proper ball flight and distance control.

Ball Placement and Contact Tips

To nail that wet sand bunker shot, try placing the ball slightly in front of the center of your stance. This helps you get a solid contact while avoiding those dreaded thin shots that barely make it out of the trap.


Mastering wet sand bunker shots is no cakewalk, but with the right technique and a bit of practice, you can turn them into your secret weapon on the course. Remember to adjust your approach, aim for less sand contact, and focus on solid ball contact to ace those tricky situations!


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