Club 50: Introduction & Concept

The concept of seniors divisions in most sports from golf through to athletics, esports, particularly sim racing is now mature enough to begin catering for the first generation of simmers who want to remain relevant as simming booms not only in driver numbers but also the quality of the experience, especially multiplayer.

This is the introduction and concept to canvas interest in a seniors division. Ultimately everyone (hopefully!) turns 50 at some point…

Steve Worrell, SIMRACING.GP: “I started my own simracing community around April and it has gone on to do quite well, but something I noticed was the drivers over the age of 50 weren’t sticking around.

“This was because the level of competition was quite high and the atmosphere in the group was on the quite tense. I recognised the need to provide a community specifically catering for senior racers.

“Thankfully I met Paul and we both shared the vision to provide such a community and thus, Club50 was born. I still have a few years to go before I can race in Club50 but I am absolutely committed to delivering a great experience for our drivers in the meantime.”

Paul Velasco, senior sim racer: “Sim Racing as an esports has its roots in the late nineties, since then it has been a modest growth curve, until 2020. COVID-19 triggered the biggest boom in gaming across the board, lockdown means plenty of time for the hobby or serious esport.”

“Meanwhile a generation of sim racers from the nineties and earlier have aged, those that were in their 20s, 30s and 40s in those days are now seniors pushing 50 and beyond. New blood, means a lot faster guys in multiplayer races and an altered sporting ethos that may not align with the older generation.

“Hence as esports matures, sim racing, in particular, the creation of a seniors division of racing series provides a boost for older drivers wanting to drive against their peers just like in most other sports: tennis, running, soccer, golf etc.

“The time is now to establish seniors divisions in all sim racing platforms – iRacing, Gran Turismo, F1 Game, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RaceRoom etc – with Club 50 set up to do so through hosting portal and Race Department’s Club Racing gateway.”

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