Chipping Setup – How to Set Up for a Chip Shot in Golf

Chip Shot Setup – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to set up for chipping shots in golf.

► Chipping Setup Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Take a pitching wedge and adopt a normal – full shot distance – stance position. To chip the golf ball you don’t need much power, so we’ll tweak that base setup in order to remove power and add control instead.

Adopt a smaller stance by bringing your feet closer together, as if you were waiting for a bus. Be sure to feel comfortable and balanced.

Put the ball in the middle of your stance.

Hold the club down the grip of the club, all the way until your bottom hand touches the metal of the club. This increase control and reduces power.

Because the club is shorter you’ll need to stance closer to the golf ball.

The key to the chip shot setup is to recreate an ideal impact position at address. Hips should be open, and the weight should be on your left leg.

Aim your feet to the left of the target, for an open stance position. Your hips should match that open position as well, putting your hips out of the way from the club.

Your shoulder and swing path should still be square to the target.

Move and maintain 70% of your weight onto your left foot.

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