Chipping Pitching and Sand PGA Golf Instruction

Correction Scott is now the Director of Instruction at Dunegrass Golf Club in Old Orchard Beach Maine if you would like to contact him. PGA Certified Teaching and Coaching Specialist Scott Mayer will explain the secrets of chipping, pitching and sand practice and play that will finally lower your scores. The trick to creating consistency is to be consistent. With the Hands Off Golf instructional DVD you will finally learn a simple pre-shot routine that will improve the accuracy of your set up. With a proper short game set up and proper club selection your will be on your way to hitting much more predictable and accurate short game shots around the perimeter of the green. Most of your shots occur inside of 100 yards so being more consistent and accurate around the greens is the way to lower your scores. All great teachers will tell you that one of the biggest secrets to a better short game is a proper set up. Scott will show you how to practice your set up so that you can create consistency with all your short game shots. Scott Mayer has been a member of the PGA and a full time teacher for most of his 30+ years in the golf business. With over 25,000 golf lessons given, Scott has learned how to communicate effectively so you can take the information directly to the golf course and lower your scores. Scott is a 4 time State of Maine Teacher of the year as well as a Golf Digest Best Teacher in the State of Maine for a couple of years.

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