Chipping – How to Hit a Chip and Run in Golf

Chip and Run – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to hit a chip and run in golf.

► Chip and Run Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

The chip and run is useful when the flag is far away and you have a lot of green to work with.

Some golfers make the mistake of hitting the same high chip shot, regardless of the conditions at hand. If there is nothing in the way between you and the flag, you are often better off hitting a chip and run and in doing so using the green available to you to roll the ball towards the flag.

A shot hit thin using an 8-iron will be a lot similar to a perfectly struck one because the ball wasn’t going very high into the air to begin with. This is not the case for a high lofted wedge where a thin shot will travel a vastly different distance than a perfectly struck one. This is why it is often most prudent to hit a chip shot that just needs to land at the start of the green and roll towards the flag.

Experiment with different clubs and notice how far they travel into the air and how far they roll. When you are faced with a shot where there are no obstacles between you and the flag don’t hesitate to chip and roll it, and in doing so lowering the risk of a thin shot rolling off the green.

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