Chipping Ball Striking Drill – How to Improve Consistency in Golf

Ball Striking Drill for Chipping – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to improve the consistency of ball striking when hitting chip shots.

► Chipping Ball Striking Drill Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

Chipping shouldn’t involve much wrist/hand action, both during the backswing and the follow through. Getting your hands too involved can result in scooping the ball, flicking the wrists and ultimately in unreliable results.

In chipping, the length of the backswing should match that of the follow through. If the clubhead stops knee high in the backswing, it should stop knee high in the follow through.

To make sure that you are not involving your hands too much in chipping, grasp the club down the grip, all the way to the shaft of the club.

Perform a normal chip practice swing and note how the grip of the club doesn’t strike your body at the follow through. If you are involving your hands too much, the grip of the club will strike your hips during the follow through.

Practice this drill performing practice swings until the grip of your club stays well clear of your body at the follow through. Then move on to gripping the club normally and hitting real golf shots using the same movement and watch your chipping results improve.

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