Can I Break 75 at a TOUGH Ryder Cup course!? S2E11

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Par Four

The golf course is divided into different playing fields called golf holes. These golf holes are each given a certain rating. There are different ratings which can be given a golf hole. These ratings par three, par four and par five. The most common of the three ratings on any eighteen hole golf course is par four.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Par Three

The shortest of all the holes on a golf course is the par Three. This hole is designed so that the green can be reached in one shot. If you reach the green of a par three in one shot and proceed to two putt it, you will have pared the hole.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Sand Trap

The sand trap is a part of the golf course you want to avoid. However if you land your golf ball in one, all is not lost. Using proper golf swing mechanics will help you to deal with the sand trap.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Golf Ball

The faster the club head speed when it meets the golf ball, the more it will compress it. The higher the compression of the golf ball the farther it will go. A higher compression ball will fly farther than a lower compression ball, provides you have golf swing mechanics that can take advantage of the compression. You swing has to have enough club head speed to compress a 110 compression golf to take the most advantage of that compression.

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