The CRAZIEST putter ever designed! (Does it ACTUALLY work?)

Golf Link: The Australian Golfing Handicap System

Golf link is the website that maintains the handicaps of Australian golfers. Here is some information about the handicap systems as it relates to golf link.

Electric Golf Trolleys – Helping To Speed Up Golf And Relieve Back Pain

No more pulling around! Today’s electric golf trolleys triumphantly replaced those old-style golf trolleys that need tugging, which can be exhaustive. More and more players are now using these as they are no longer considered a luxury but as indispensable items for practical purposes. Even in the amateur that you are, these trolleys can be a very big help efficiently because there is no more need to concern yourself with the equipment and you will get to conserve your energy and your focus only to the game itself.

The Importance Of A Good Golf Swing

As you can imagine one of the most important parts of being a successful golf player, is to learn exactly how to swing and hit the ball correctly. If you do not swing correctly,it can cause many more problems when trying to play a successful game. While learning how to swing the club with success can seem impossible, it really is something that can be done easily with practice and patience…

Golf Game Gadgets You Will Need to Begin Playing

The sport of golf is a game of precision making use of the club to hit the ball. When you enter the golf course, you will observe that the particular acceleration of the wind varies in addition to the course where it blows. Expert players can properly hit the ball by determining the club that will fit the wind.

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Family Fun and Golf

Now perhaps there are a few Dads out there that are not going to be so happy about the word family and golf being put together. After all, after a busy week at work there are many men and women too actually, who look forward to that weekend of a few hours getaway to the golf course.

Mind Control – Add This Tool To Improve Golf Game

All golfers are happy. Are you? Do you truly have mind control over your game of golf? A happy golfer is that person who is continually practicing and playing golf with a good attitude and has an awareness of both his mental and physical game.

A State Of Mind To Play A Game Of Golf

Are you experiencing a fear of failure or a fear of success in your golf game? Do you fear not being able to hit the ball and be ridiculed or to hit the ball a long distance and be expected to do so every time without fail?

Golf Grip Tips For Everyone’s Golf Game

In order to be good in golf, one only has to remember the mantra, “It’s all in the grip.” Where and how far the ball goes after hitting it will rely mostly on how you position both of your hands on the club handle. If you do the grip correctly, all the stages in the golf swing, from the setup to the follow-through, will help you put the ball where you want it to go.

Golf GPS Systems Are A Must To Help You Get Exact Yardages
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GPS technology has made giant leaps as far as navigation and positioning is concerned, making many aspects of our lives easier and more convenient. Golf is a sport that relies heavily on positioning and measuring distances, and it’s easy to understand why Golf GPS Systems are becoming popular with amateur golfers and professionals alike.

Posture – Relax I Tell Ya!

Have you ever been told to relax on the golf course? Was there anything relaxed about the run-blitz pressure Charles Woodson put on the Steelers backfield? No, of course not. So how do you ever expect to hit the ball out of your shadow if you are slumped over in a relaxed “TV” position?

Golf Tips And Golf – You Can Improve Your Game With These 4 Tips

As a golfer you obviously want to improve and score lower. So here are four golf tips which will help you do just that.

Pro Golfing Clothes Guide

If you want to buy professional golf clothing, you will need brands and materials that are better than average. Good quality clothing is essential whether you are playing as a professional or only during the weekends. Golf is a social sport, so presenting yourself the right way can open up all kinds of business and social opportunities. When choosing the right set of clothing, it is important to find a set that matches your specific body type and style.

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