Bryson DeChambeau Playing With 5 Year Old Irons | Here’s the Reason Why! #subscribe #golftips

I get asked a lot of questions about lie angles, offset and why most single length iron manufacturers keep them the same, but Cobra does not.

Which got me to thinking, why does Bryson Dechambeau still play the Cobra Forged One Length irons which were released 5 years ago?

So I decided to dive in and tell you the reasoning behind why he does it, or at least why I think he does it. Bryson played Edel Irons before he made the move to Cobra his rookie year. And there’s a lot of sense that can be made from the reason for keeping Cobra’s initial foray into single length irons.

His single plane golf swing, his big drives and his one length irons are a reason why he is one of the best golfers in the world. He’s won a U.S. Open, multiple PGA Tour events and continues to be the talk of the game.

So follow me and let’s find out why his equipment is the way it is.

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