Welcome back golf enthusiasts! It’s time to hit the green again because BREAK75 has returned and this time with more birdie sauce. Get ready for another exciting round of golf as we explore the latest techniques, tips, and of course, the signature BREAK75 birdie sauce. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, we’ve got something for everyone. So, dust off those clubs and join us for a memorable experience on the course. Let’s get started!


Welcome to the latest content from RickShielsPGA Golf, where we bring you entertaining and informative golf content from the golf course to the clubhouse. In this content, we follow Rick and his friends as they attempt to break 75 on the challenging Southport ainsdale golf course. Join us as we take a deep dive and understand how Rick and his friends try to break 75.

The Purpose of RickShielsPGA Golf Channel

RickShielsPGA Golf is a YouTube channel that aims to provide the most captivating golf content that is sure to appeal to beginners and professionals alike. The purpose of the channel is to provide access to quality golf coaching tips, golf club reviews, and entertaining golf videos.

Rick’s Specialty

Rick Shiels is a professional golfer and content creator who specializes in providing excellent golf coaching tips, demonstrations, and reviews on the latest golf clubs. At RickShielsPGA Golf, the content produced includes playing challenges, coach tips, and fantastic product reviews.

Break 75 Mission

Southport Ainsdale Golf course has a tricky reputation and has hosted the Ryder cup twice, in 1933 and 1937. In this content, Rick and his friends try to break 75 on this challenging course. The mission involves hitting below 75 shots using a combination of strategy, skill, and a good dose of luck.

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The Golf Game Begins

Rick admits that he’s been busy and has not played golf for a while. With few warm-up shots, the game begins with his friend setting the tone, and they got a hot start. It’s a perfect day, and the course is perfectly green.

The Bad Shot

Rick uses an iron that he’s not familiar with, but he hopes for the best. On the second hole, however, Rick had a bad shot, snapping it left, and it went straight down to reality. His friend reminds him that he needs to relax and focus more, but Rick gets upset with himself.

More Birdie Sauce

As the game progresses, Rick and his friend take more shots and drinks. The atmosphere gets a bit lighter, and Rick’s friend introduces the term “birdie sauce.” They both agree that more birdie sauce is needed to give them the extra edge they need to break 75.

The Final Stretch

In the final stretch, Rick and his friend make a valiant effort to meet their target. They land some great shots, and they’re both having a great time. However, the course proves to be a challenge, and they don’t meet their target.


In conclusion, watching Break75 is an informative and enjoyable experience. As golf enthusiasts, this type of content is excellent because, at the very least, it reminds us to aim high and never give up. Rick’s passion for the game is contagious, and watching his progress in real-time is inspiring. At the end of the day, golf is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, and RickShielsPGA Golf takes that to heart.

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  1. How long has Rick Shiels been a professional golfer?
    Rick Shiels has been a professional golfer for over a decade.

  2. How often does Rick Shiels upload new content on YouTube?
    Rick Shiels usually uploads new content once a week, but this may vary sometimes.

  3. How long does it take to break 75 on a golf course?
    Breaking 75 on a golf course depends on various factors, including skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck.

  4. What gear do you need for a perfect golf game?
    Golfers require different gear to have a proper golf game, including good clubs, golf balls, gloves, and tees.

  5. What are the essential skills for playing golf?
    Essential skills for playing golf include perfecting your swing, having an excellent short game, and learning the right strategies for different game scenarios.