Easy Way To Start Your Backswing Coil

Here is an easy way to start your backswing coil. From here you keep coiling and set the top of the backswing.

So many people I see take the club back with their hands and arms. This gets the club going outside in the early stages of the swing. When this happens it’s tough to coil properly and even tougher to get the club in the right position at the top of the backswing.

So try this easy way to start your backswing coil. Once you start off right, you can keep coiling then hinge the club to set the top of the backswing.

This easy way to coil can be done anywhere. That’s what makes it such a great image. Do this at home, range or even when you play. Once you get coiling better you will gain so much more power and consistency you won’t believe it.

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In this tip talking about a clock image. So 
for righties, it's going to be 12 o'clock to   3 o'clock. Lefties, you would flip the clock the 
other way so it would be 12 o'clock to 9 o'clock.   All right, so here's what I'm getting at. This 
is just a simple image that will allow you to   Understand how your arms are going to be moving 
back. Okay, your arms are actually connected to   Your body so if we do it with the arms we can get 
the body moving too. Just a different way to do   It. If you went back to the target that's 
fine but this is just another simple way   To understand how your arms are moving back. So 
think of a clock. Right here I have 12 o'clock   Right in front of me 3 o'clock 9 o'clock. Okay, so 
I have these two balls off of my toes right here   So we do our setup like this now just think okay 
there's my lead arm. It's basically at 12 o'clock   We're going to take our lead arm we're gonna 
move it to 3 o'clock 12 o'clock 3 o'clock. Okay,   So if I went here ,12 o'clock 3 o'clock. Okay, you 
can see how that's starting to turn my shoulders   Getting me in the halfway back position. So let 
me just turn so that you can see exactly what I'm   Doing from down the line. So there's 12 o'clock 
there's 3 o'clock. So if I set up like this,   Here's my lead arm. I'm going to take my lead 
arm from 12 o'clock, I'm going to move it to   3 o'clock. Okay 3 o'clock right there 12 to 
3. Now what this is trying to get you to do,   Obviously, is to get you to coil but it's 
trying to get you to stop going like this,   Picking the club up. Okay taking it back too 
straight. All of these things, you know, out this   Way. You know, if you felt like you were reaching. 
Okay you got to reach out. Well yeah, the problem   Is that's at like 2 o'clock. Okay, you've got to 
get the rotation so we're going from 12 o'clock   To 3 o'clock. See I can see that ball right 
there just on this side of my hand. So if I   Go 12 o'clock 3 o'clock there's the ball if 
I went like this. I'd need to easily be able   To see the ball is on this side of my hand not on 
this side. So that would tell me that I'm picking   It up or doing something I really shouldn't 
be doing. Okay, now also if you went like   This and you started to really kind of fan the 
club open like this (a lot of people do this).   Okay, that's not going to be it either so the 
ball I can't even see that ball on the ground   Right there. So we're going right here 12 o'clock 
3 o'clock. You can see the ball on this side of   Your hand. Now from here you're going to keep 
going up to the top of the backswing of course.   All right, so maybe you use that as the mental 
image. Just think, the lead arm is like the   Minute hand on a clock. Okay, you step up you're 
thinking. Okay, minute hand is pointing at 12   O'clock to take it back I'm going to go from 12 
o'clock 3 o'clock just keep it going up to the top   And then hit your shot. So here we are 12 o'clock 
3 o'clock. Hit your shot. Okay, so give that a try   Because that will start to get you to really coil 
back get the back to the target. You know, once we   Can get that body coiling properly going back then 
we can take our arms and turn them off because   We don't need to hit the ball anymore. If your 
body's not working, you will have to use your arms  

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So if I can get your body working, now you don't 
have to hit anymore because you have another way   To hit the ball, and that's with your body, 
not your arms. Okay, so give that a try just   And again you can just do that at the house just 
for a second you don't need a golf club just go   Like this and go okay there's 12 o'clock uh okay 
3 o'clock 12 o'clock. Oh 3 o'clock right there.   Yep okay, good oh that's what he's telling me to 
do. Okay, so now tee up a ball if next time you   Go out to the range or go to the backyard and try 
it. Okay, oh see I'm really getting that feeling   Of coiling and that's what we want to 
try and do to then apply them to your   Shots. I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip. 
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