BREAK 75 is breaking Rick Shiels – (Pro Vs 4 handicapper)

BREAK75 is breaking Rick Shiels!


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Foreign Guys welcome back to break75 we're here At wilmslow Golf Club South of Manchester in Cheshire just Right near Manchester Airport actually a Beautiful golf course and so far The weather conditions are way better Than what the forecast predicted I Thought we're going to be playing in Rain today but it seems to be sunny Um Mission today It's quite simple brake 75. it's been a Few weeks now where I've been kind of Over 75 not been particularly putting Some great rounds together so today is a Day to put it all together so I'm here On the Range just hitting a few Looseners not thinking too much today And so far I'm actually striking it good And that's a good sign for me I'm a Confidence player so if I get to the Range and hit a few nice ones without Overthinking hopefully that transcends Into some good golf on the course as Well playing with guys today Um your practice session's been quite Mixed from from what I'm seeing so far I've been hitting it a mixture of three Or four good shots and probably 12 Horrendous shots so I'm looking forward To playing golf obviously why would you Not but I'm not looking forward to the Outcome because today I honestly feel

Like I could shoot 95. I don't know what It is I just I just feel like I'm Swinging somebody else's body so I don't Know they're the worst days but Sometimes you can have days like oh and Actually surprise yourself on the course Yeah well my mission then is I'm gonna Lose golf balls I'm not gonna pretend I'm not always available On the Range yeah yeah my mission is to Make three birdies and chipping see if We can do it Get to it Okay so we've returned back to The first T ready to for battle to Commence Um we're gonna go off the blue tees it's 6639 yards uh past 72. So not many shots I can drop but I'm not Thinking that today you know what I'm Gonna go into a slightly different Mindset just try and shoot under par if I go in with that mindset sometimes These breaks 75 obviously the premise is Well first off to have fun and hopefully Make a cool video but second thing is Almost this idea I have to go out and Break 75 and if I mess up a couple of Holes so I'm just going to go out again Just honestly just shoot the lights out This is I love this start because we're Able to do it in which case great or you Go it's all Volga bogey let me just put Clip it back to when he says that I've Got a face though I feel like you are a

Mindset golfer today you thought you're In a good value even off camera he's Banting around in a great mood very Jovial so expect big things bantering Around Let's Go part four first hole dog Leg sweeping to the left great opening Tee shot and let's kick things off with A bang okay first hole play well thanks Power you two just requires a little A little drawery what Strikes good draw a bit more Draw a bit more Right rough yeah didn't quite get the Drawer out of seven out of ten I always Mark your ball responsibly There's gonna be lots of people now Finding guy golf balls I know we're able To claim it's not me Okay I'm gonna have to try and cut it on A drawery hole which is a nice feeling But luckily you can miss right Yes that will work That will very much work I get all that I'm going to pass a day 1200 course Record great shot It's got his own version of this will Stop and get it yeah First hole And uh I know I've missed the Fairway Granted but that has pulled a really Ugly lie on the side of this Fairway looks like someone stood on it Crazy right 90 yards middle of the green Just don't know it's going to come out

This light so I'm gonna actually try and Hit a full lob wedge at it Honestly that was one of the stinkiest Lies I've ever had Pulled up short right Yeah a good distance part okay third Shot just short of this bunker plenty of Green to work with Ciao Thank you I'll take that Shall take that result I feel like you Always threatened for Birdie on the First hole Kind of a great golfer Whether you convert anything I don't I don't remember any oh do you Want me to hold it I'd like oh okay Right sorry Okay you don't have to be polite okay Then for Birdie on the first Target of Three birdies today this could be number One I'm number one what a lovely start That would be Again I'm slicing a putter oh wow Slip around you did stand the footing Room a little pop before it's a little Quite fast so you know what you weren't Wrong Yep Thank you Yeah two pass you always take a power in The film absolutely okay Par Four second Hole 440 back into Breeze as you can see The rain starting to dribble down on us

Uh it looks like another nice little Drawer hole Should be fine Great shot Thank you Nice position right side of the Fairway So I honestly think Fairway is a key Today as soon as it starts to get wet You know the roof doesn't look bad Could really hold the ball up Foreign Okay not sure hold this by any stretch Into wind I've hit that driver shot I Believe I hit it well Slightly uphill slightly back into Breeze I've hit it about 240 yards it's About 100 nearly 200 yards left into This flag uh back into Breeze again I Think I can get there with five iron Foreign It's jumped over the bunker on the left But not a good strike one of my missions Today when I was hitting shots on the Range was not to miss left I feel that Gets me in too much trouble and that Shot has just missed left I need to rectify that Looks really good Oh just a torch longer thing God that Was a wedge 145 but it's actually the Best strike I've hit in my life but I Was in between wedge or nine I've got a Tonka lunch like Miss green again second Hole

Not the strongest star in the world a Bit more of a challenging pitch this Time Just got to go over that bank and land It on the Green Set that took a very unlucky bounce that It needed to carry that holding it just Landed like half a foot too soon I just Didn't quite catch it Again it wasn't the prettiest lie I know I'm gonna I've said that a few times so Far today but I can't expect perfect lies every time Kind of I'm missing the greens Ah Great role great role We do go don't they These greens are mad they're fast but Like they seem to get faster after the Whole there's a little bit of moisture On them it's just like sliding it's Difficult I love testing Parts Okay up the hill right to left to Scott Salvage apart Oh hello Spot it really actually just never Looked in doubt it was going a tiny bit Fast but this man's come to scrap today I feel like a little bull terrier a Little scruffy do little scrappy bull Terrier today I think it's gonna be pretty but I'm Hopefully gonna get the job done Yeah nice

Very nice Modern golf okay third hole par five Unlike the first two acquired a little Draw this looks like it requires a bit Of a fade so let's try and hit one Foreign Behind as well It's going for a child next match Delivered one yeah that's a great ball Very nice Very well we hit a good drive so when I Do have to really make an alternative Flats 230 yards into this hole Probably gonna be a throwing guys going With a family Let's see where he hits it to First Pretty good may actually be on the green Yeah nice shot okay second shot par five Three iron Let's try and hit a big hard draw on it Get it stop on the green fast Or a low draw Mr bunker Mr bunker Mr Bunker Mr bunkert straighten it I really Don't like this club anymore this three Iron is the only Club in the bag I want To swap the Giants is part five that's My whoa full second shot but in that Awkward position you've got a 40-yard Bunker shot It's been hard Oh golf shot that's good I honestly thought I was gonna stop that And just spin like crazy then

Shouldn't be disappointed but I didn't Expect that to finish better come on guy Eagle yes if not very often you hear me Say this but gotta put for eagle and I'll be honest I'm the kind of guy that Goes to the layout to make the birdie Really boring so that's the plan get it Somewhat cold then knock in the birdie Get a bit of sauce bit of seasoning Foreign Of what you think they just keeps going Which is a good sign for the green Quality of gas but it feels a bit weird To get used to to stay on this one yeah Not this one for dirty power all right Can I get the first one in Yeah thank you very much did you deserve That one cheers mate good drive good Wood into the green good to put further Okay can I follow him in with this put Up the hill pretty straight Oh Didn't feel like I hit that hard not in That Yep Raffle with a power level for Rick one Under guy nice worked out It's a far floor just under 400 yards It's a really interesting one this it's Kind of on two levels you've got the Fairway level which is here on the left Hand side and then the greens kind of Plateaued up on the right side Um so you'll probably not be able to see

The bottom of the PIN for your second Shot it's a nice t-shirt Oh Beauty To come to play Get all that on the Range I mean it's Terrible and oh light jazz Too much fade Cover the trees they just hit them on The way at the end I saw some birds fly Away might be all right though if it's Got through it's actually not too bad I'm on the same level as the green but It's not ideal Scrappy Shields today I've hit it Already on the right side I was worried I'd be underneath the canvases of the Trees but I've just got far enough past So I can at least fire it up nice and High okay 129 yards pins at the back I'm just gonna try and hit this 100 Maybe 125 yards is the plan I don't want To go long on this Simmer That's it I think we're on the green I Think we're okay not perfect But we should be putting Up the hill left to right not a lot more In this Little look at birdie actually Similar down Oh yeah yeah That's so hard I'm sure I just literally don't think Sometimes

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Like I'm playing golf my mind is just Somewhere else sometimes frustrated Back that's the name I could get used to Okay boy Oh no it's a bit of a weak pot that look This scaring me these green look at that I'm gonna hold my hands up I'm scared of These greens yeah they're a bit mad They're great I'm not blaming them They're just fast but they don't look That fast So you're slightly more challenging Power ports than we wanted now mine's Down the hill right to left I'll make You a deal if you miss yours I'll miss Mine if you hold yours I'll hold mine Okay whatever you do while coffee okay Little slippery one down the hill Oh Richard Shields The Shield Shire I Felt a hike I made that ball roll just Once that was it just got there That was perfect He promised as a man of my word I will knock this one in Yes Don't always hold it but someone has to Do I'll work remember I feel like it Gets quite congested with clutter okay When I say clutter hazards and Long Grass down there okay as you get closer To the greens I'm not sure if it's like A layup but you kind of lay it to like 200 yards or 220 then flick it in from Like 130 140. okay

From memory as the most subscribe to a Guy on YouTube I'm gonna follow your Advice Oh it's a bit heavy but It'll do It's all right yeah I'm fine a bit Longer than you wanted maybe in yeah it Starts on those trees on the right and Just looking around it drill draw it It's okay that's fine now it's almost an Open Door which is not doing Bounding gun we might be regretting Whimping out that or me talking you into Wimping out but hopefully they're both Safe at least Option A would have been to snap a Driver 350 down the middle 180 yards uh bad news I listened to Rick Shields and I've now got 160 yards there When I quite a bit driver and that's Much less in good news is I'm an Absolute wizard for 160. it's just a Three-quarter a tie-in I'll put it like Six foot and get the birdie so Every cloud has a silver lining Tp8 iron slight little cut to it let's Get on close be good Go on roll out oh finished about 20 Yards short but it was actually the best Strike I've ever hit in my life Never mind Exactly the same distance on the last Hole 128 yards just coming out the roof time

To actually hit a good wedge shot There's no excuse here Stop going left We're on WE pin high but it's It's a good 30 yards or 30 feet left of The PIN Protecting my level pass score right now Should have been attacking more of that Never mind so Rick's had a pretty decent Shot in there that just shows I think We've said a few episodes ago about the Importance of being pin highs got like a Decentish birdy chance now I hit mine so Online but sure obviously as you can see This would be what I've normally Probably put but with these greens I Just can't get them so I'm gonna be very Risky actually I may regret this 58 degree wedge kind of chip on in a bit Of biting that it released out The goal was three birdies in a chip in So this could do uh another birdie and The chip in Now Wasn't a million miles off it wasn't a Great shot at all really right 30 put 30 Odd feet Not much in it Got to get a good roll and not race it Six foot past That's what we're going for Not a bad pot that'll look like it was In The Guild spot here yeah I must admit I did strike that poorly I think you

Would have hit that better it would have Definitely got past the hole at least Yeah nice power another one ticked off Yeah five pounds in a row What a boring golfer People haven't clicked on a rick Shields Video it's like five pounds in a row did What they've come on for triple boogies Eagles that's what we want that's what You want don't you They come in right big put this Nice He delivers on the biggest stage The biggest stage in World Golf I'm Struggling a bit it's 186 went into the Face a little bit Quite scared of it I thought sometimes When the par 3's got a little bit Structure to it you know it's either Uphill downhill yeah I feel like the Picture in the distance is easier it's Almost too simple you can get a much Better depth of perception yeah it's Quite hard if I want to go five iron Um Head hope really this is a hole I would Be very happy to just to par in here Would be um be a big one I would say Holy One Chance in fact not Scrap all up delete all that boys Holding one chance five iron 186 we go Drones up there you'll see it going live Oh hello tracking if it's got enough Clothes

Wow very very See was that five yeah so I've got five In my hand I'm gonna go with that as well Did you know every bit of it Yes but it was quite a nice low one as Well which I think has helped I'm gonna try and hit a similar similar Shotgun I'll get the two you get the one The Aussie's really good yeah if I can Any anything close than yours I'll be Well quite simply flabbergasted Say what it's actually gonna do all Right but this is the traps How to describe that in one simple word Up the hip it kind of goes up the hill And then as soon as it goes over that Races down right to left Gotta get the speed spot on Don't go right Don't go right oh I actually cannot believe that I thought I had to go right because it Moves left it's right on the top of the Hill at a yard right and it was going to Go down here but I actually don't I Can't believe it actually did that Oh Embarrassing all right purple up that Hill that's just kind of come down Let's try and knock it in Silly silly bogey there Ah I mean granted I didn't hit a single Good shot on the hole

That is a silly bogey come on guys buddy Get to tune the power pal Get to 200. yes very happy with that one It's killing it Can't be sick Seventh hole Par five and not a Long Rod I need to start making some birdies and Guy needs to stop making birdies you've Done two so far pal you've done two Years I've done two yeah this one and if I get the bird of this one I might let's Just stop playing okay last uh hold for Me maybe if I burn this one that's my Round are you working off probably it Was caddy for you foreign Over now Scrapping my way around I need to start Making some birdies Great hit that is a very good drive That's uh 10 out of 10. right on the Look at that as well it's on the perfect Center Line of the that deserves a bow Thank you Wow terrible with a bunker skip through That was A one out of ten at very best that was Horrendous to some this might sound Stupid but this is my worst nightmare I need to overcome it I have hit it Exactly down the middle of Fairway like That's the center line there And it's almost Center Line straight to The flag almost everything's too

Straight but part five I've not got into Not the eagle put in get back get on the Par that's the plan Six iron in hand It's only 195 to the flag Get up With the right distance Yeah that's nice yeah front edge I went For a little draw I didn't quite get it Um pin High On the green front edge you're putting For eagle I don't like dead straight all shots Such a bizarre mindset I much prefer Even if it's just got a little movement A little bit of shape it's funny because When I practice at the driving range you Practice straight golf shots don't you But I get bored of that I end up starting Trying to shape it to different flags Anyway did all right there pointing for Eagle that's all we needed to do listen I don't like this at the moment I'm Three shots back from Guy Three I mean he's playing well granted I'm playing Scrappy And I won't be three shots back right Come back is off yeah that was a really Annoying golf shot that all the place Could hitting I put in the bunker got 87 Yards the flag I've got two options There to try and get it on the green or Just get it somewhat out and then

Hopefully up and down for par I think It's a second option just get it Somewhat out and then hopefully just get The power Oh it's really good it's on the Green Nice yeah that's nice a lot better than Expecting quite lucky there really Putting for birdie now pardon for Fruity Broody Eagle opportunity one that really In this round of golf I feel like I need To jump start The round Pretty much straight up the hill I'm actually gonna just leave the flag In as well come on Rick we don't knock This in nice little tap in for birdie Ah That was a very strange one very strange One indeed out play squire This has been incredible birdie One that would really keep the momentum And they're not that fast you more Oh guy Yeah you're taking apart yeah happy with That come on a bit of sauce Yes all right Birdie so first time in front nine for Me Back to level power that's two under two To go on this front now this is this is Gonna be a good little match I think that's where you might have Sometimes guy I've seen you make double from there

Yeah that's very true that is very true Like the fact you've walked off there With a par And potentially you've got a really good Look at Birth yeah no you're right that Could have easily been a disaster They did this yet But the problem is there will be Disaster at some point so wait until you Keep watching okay eighth hole Par Four 436 yards uh I should like this one guy If I've ever seen a hole that suits a Rickshaw's drives this one another Little swoops to the left from the right Shields you draw 163 ball speed 286 Carry all right At the moment all I can see is aiming of Those trees and trying to cut it back But what do you do it I think I'm just Gonna go for that Yeah Questions Oh baby he's kind of got a bit of both Really just like dead straight Yeah he's done it worst case leak Outright Worst case block it a million yards Right oh my God That is honest to God Can't explain to you how far right That's gone Insane Yeah yeah yeah that's the farewells Aiming for I've missed that far away

Granted I'm even Mr furway on the right The hole next to it and on the right of That one okay so 201 yards actually not Done okay being here again clearly Didn't want to be here it's not that bad 201 five iron over those trees nice Solid hit let's try and get somewhat Power chance Oh Strike was brilliant Okay I don't know what Rick's saying but It's somewhere in play right I'm gonna Try and hit an eight-time straight Between those two trees 160 yards Get over the bunker get over the bunker Yeah Look very nice yeah I think it's good It's right of the flag which I wasn't Expecting to hit but I think with pin Our right Very close Oh A little bit Fierce that one it ended up Rolling on a bit but Could have been worse 30 put here on Eight Um not shot into the green actually I just need to now Get a good read on this it's going to be Downhill Slightly left to right I do fancy this actually Just all about the speed just get it

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Going Oh Oh how's this guy Okay big put for me this This would be a good Passover Great roles yeah I couldn't get the line On that at all Come on Rick Could not be more annoyed myself there Foreign Great tee shot lovely iron shot not not A terrible first Port I thought first Part was good Feel for Rick there I just hope he um Doesn't need to get to his head too much I don't think it was he's playing solid So far but we all miss silly putts and It was just the fact that great Drive Great iron but the greens are tricky we Keep saying it but they really are R3 Down the hill uh playing 129 yards this Wind is bizarre yes it's like it's into And off the left no wind is the pitching Wedge for me and probably even less for You today I'm thinking chippy99 heart of The green the wind might bring it around A bit Bit left Foreign Played that really delicately I could just see me airmailing it Gonna go good straight with the pitching Wedge Wind

Be the closest thing is to go out of There I can't look out that's fine stay That's the risk with going more often Yeah it gets really spinning Ah it's a whole lot there it's really Tough All that speed Speed is key Which you've seen so far hasn't been my Forte on the greens come on roll it nice And close Not bad It's not bad it's sure I just I just Feel like it's what this the greens are Just those weird tricky speeds where It's just hard to gauge all the time Slow whoa oh no Okay big put for me this this is to Finish the front nine one under It's off the right one guy I deserve it No that's oh my God Yeah well done thank you Finish the front line one over par I don't think I deserve much better but It could have been a lot better Guys to finish level partner Yeah About nine one over for me Need to get back on the power First hole Par Four just under 400 yards Slightly dug like it's like dug leg Right requires a little baby fade One He's come to play on the back now and Mr

Shields Stunning absolutely stunning Yeah it's pretty perfect okay I'm gonna Try and do a similar thing to that Oh it's a bit blocky It's big enough it might get over Everything Sure yeah uh yeah no sorry this is just Where I need to start switching the game On I know it's in there this shot it's Where I just need to start switching it On Just write the flag pin High I've got a 9A and I'm trying to bump it Over to run up the green Oh I just ran through That was so close to being perfect Okay good shot we're getting there we're Getting the line in yeah Part to start the butt nine guys going For a chipping one of his missions today Oh incredible effort Nice right I love it though powerful I I don't ask me why I'm hitting three wood A weasel Oh he's an absolute animal Let's take it all back Not always there's a lion I must admit That's not nice Yep that carries that phone because That's the best golfer this hole's ever Seen Straighten it straighten it

That was literally to me a 10 out of 10 As well I should have been a weasel I Should have hit a wood Foreign Wanted to he's probably pitched 15 yards Past the flag and screwed back about 30 Yards so about 10 foot short of the flag Now so we thought I was in the bunker Somehow I'm like 10 yards left of Bunker Which is great news for me Um I've got about 50 yards left then So they're like cheap 54 degree just Kind of like that this would normally be A 58 yard edge with a bit of wind into The face And it'll ask me why would you catch me Why actually watching for a screen but Definitely why but I'm feeling like a Little shitty before Get inside Ricks And take home the bird It's Gonna Roll No it's a little bit heavy that right Idea actually but it's a bit fat and to Be honest with you a waste of uh Opportunity that this is a real dirty Chance from there Oh right in the job okay 30 foot up the Hill right to left Come on we need to see some starting to Drop in the hole I can see it happening up the hill just Takes that little bit of break and just Drops in right side at dead weight

That was a good role as well For the first time I felt like the right Speed Pars all around ah Barcelona And decide with Barcelona the 12th hole Parcel 409 yards and requires a little Weld not well it requires a fade off the T IP oh Richard I don't ask a single word more just yes I'm actually getting quite good at them Really getting good you are I'm getting Really good at golf Now I'm getting good at that shot you've Never been a fan of moving the ball left To right um honestly off the tee now It's almost a shot I'm seeing in my mind This is fader call him Darth Vader That's where I wanted to mess if I was Gonna Because Uh not sure couldn't see it down but 99 Back foot just kind of hitting hope Really just get it somewhat down there And that's a much better attempting Earlier on That's kind of left side of the green Might not be a definite power obviously But it does give me a chance which is From that position all I could really Ask for so good so after what I thought Was the absolute perfect t-shirt I Thought it was the middle of the Fairway

It's Fairway is Tiny down here what's The 15 yards wide so I've just in the Left roof but nothing too dangerous 133 Yards to the pin which is at the back So I'm actually in my head gonna hit This Kind of a 125 Max 130. It's gone massive It's gone absolutely massive really Weird flight Oh frustrating really to work on that Part of my game just I need to be Getting it closer Up and down papar would be delightful Cut it out let's get it close Yep pretty happy with that one I actually can't believe what's happened The pin is here now that was 133 yards Of the flag in my head I chipped a Little pitching wedge which shouldn't go Any further than where I'm stood right Now but there's no way it should go that Far Look at this It might have hit this and bounced but We're way back here in the trees I'm totally totally Confused about that shot Like really um it should not have gone I Mean this is 20 25 yards too far I just Cannot comprehend how that's happened So frustrated that I took one more club and tried to hit it Soft really soft and never thought I'd

Reached the back of the green never mind 20 yards big I don't know how Rick's Ball has ended up there and I don't know How the hell he's gonna get this out It's gonna be one golf shop Foreign Is not even the word I honestly can't believe it Good effort Foreign Way at the end Did not see that One then you missed that one Ah so I'm just gonna go out again just Honestly just shoot the lights out but Honestly I don't understand now I've Just made six there Right genuinely great t-shirt I really really thought I'd played An old case I can shot like I've thought About it I didn't I didn't go for the Stupid like full gap wedge I really Tried to hit like a controlled pitching Wedge no way I'm Either I've measured it wrong or or I've got the biggest flyer I've ever Received in my life because there's no Way that ball should have finished 20 Yards through the back of the green no Way Totally confused I'm three over now and Feeling like crap Down Okay this is a 13th hole I'm looking for

Some but today he's gonna be looking for Me and for Rick Um 499 yards wind slightly off the Health and I think absolutely let's Double check Off the back off the right kind of Helping I'm gonna make a par Um Rick's gonna make a birdie someone Wants to make it okay Um so I think he can do it again so Let's go Yeah it's absolutely fine that's really Really good now now I kind of got bad in It Part five needs to an absolute rocket Find that Yeah it took a couple of nice hops okay Second shot into this part five Uh I've said this once or twice before On the videos when it rains it pours Ladies and gentlemen when it seems to Not go your way there's a golf has a way Of just kicking you they've got five Iron I'm going to try and really try and Bend it around the tree left to right Pins on the right side of the green Loads of room left Oh I just caught the last branch that Might be all right that's still Yeah good shot I would have been on the green just that One One branch it clipped one leaf even and It just took off 10 yards so that's

Where the best T-shirt of the day for me It definitely is no if buts or maybes no You shoot now you see I'm talking foxy I Don't do if button maybes I do Absolutely I've got 190 a little bit of Wind helping us pins at the front so I Went for a nice committed six iron yeah It looks good So it's very heavy that's a very bad Shot after such a good drive Mr bunk Set set Yeah that's the shot really poor I've Got quite a nice little shot here it's Weird what would you say ring is that a Potter really Um it's a very risky yeah that's true And it's a very risky like 58 so we look Like a 99 yeah I kind of almost put it And just get it somewhat close this Really should be a birdie hole certainly After that drive I hit so get this close And send it home Yeah pretty happy with that yeah okay it Would do the third shot on this par five Eagle opportunity Learn a little bit from guys put there It's going to slope quite a bit to the Right and we've got the left hand side Simmer Rick you're absolutely horrendous at Putting today and always but today Especially Up the hill right till I should have

Learned quite a lot from that Port that Raced past Oh Thank you Three put par Is there anything worse No I said you three birdies Very good Okay 14th hole par three Now there's two par threes that go over This big Ravine this one And then 17 which runs the other way and I think that's it for part three is just Two more left and only one part five Left which is the last And you are now level power guard I am Three shots I think I'm gonna go for an Eight tie in A bit turny over eh oh it's a bit shorty As well Maybe that was a sellout it should be a Seven for me simple as that strike it Well a little heavy but yeah it kind of Felt like a good solid contact Maybe it was a seven from the eight Probably still the right Club feel you Are a bit longer what did he say the Bird is run out of time I'm gonna start At the right side of the green just let It draw back in let that wind bring it So bad but I might be all right might be With me I might just get there That's with me well they were absolutely Pathetic speak for yourself

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Oh okay front of the green On this path three Ah so much of me wants to chip it I've Also got the putter out my Potter's not Been doomed in many favors today so I'm Gonna chip it Terrible Terrible terrible Should have put it I'm gonna chip in I think it's a very Fairly on this because it's all Fallen Away from me to the right You're obviously aim left as a flag Kind of get it to roll in on the left Side That's the shot It was literally the perfect idea Just hit 10 too soft okay so far up the Hill little snaky one I don't really Know which way it's going to go everyone Is like oh it's a good sign stop caring Ah I don't even care Yeah well done nice put 15th Par Four 425 yards and just requires a little Fade again off this ticket what a little Fady one isn't there That is oh that's perfect I think that Is pretty good pal yeah it is Bringing it today I try and bring it Every time but very very well I didn't Ring yeah Yeah keep coming oh let's find that Yep found it so I've hit a really good

T-shirt but it's actually come a bit too Far right which I wouldn't have I didn't Know from The Taste I never played here Before So knowing that these trees are Overhanging so I'm gonna try and really Get a high cutting nine iron And get something up there oh I pulled It No Okay after hitting the Fairway nice T-shirt actually left myself 160 yards This flag pins in the middle it's gonna Go with a nice little a time I don't Think it's a full one When Be good That looks really good I don't know if it's a wee bit short That's the vast gulp shot of my life I've said that a lot today because I've Played well but that under circumstances Was very good well I'm trying to catch Guy off he keeps pulling shots off like That unbelievable I don't think it's a case of trying to Beat guys today I think that's gone and Done and dusted I think he's got me Today but now it's about trying to break 75 I've got to make two birdies coming Home I like this Yeah Finally he deserved that one got one

In all the way it did look good didn't It fantastic You stay at level I'm through over Three holes to go okay 16th hole for a Memory it's a little fiddly one little Cut down there with a three wood Probably want to hit it about 250 260 Should only leave a little flick into Screen When's helping with the fade as well Told it Get Lucky Oh a massive pull Oh that's a bit of a naughty shot It's safe but makes the hole a lot Longer yeah Yeah nice shot Big brilliant that is outrageous be Brilliant Simmer simmer simmer simmer simmer Simmer simmer simmer oh a bit thanks Well done this is really weird so I Thought about 90 yards left into the Flag and it's actually 120 which seems Far too much I was a bit of wind behind So I'm really kind of in between clubs Here but I'm gonna go for like a Three-quarter 50 degree I'm just hope I can get it somewhat Close at least give myself a chance to Pass Oh sure Okay long Range birdie opportunity here on 16.

After recovery from the trees I was screaming at the ball to simmer We're in hindsight it needed to go a bit Further it's so hard to judge into this Green everything falls down and Away to That back pin position the pin couldn't Be any further back of the green It's going to be fast this I'd love to see this one dropping come On If not dropping Nestle nice and close Can't be short Can't be short It's the one thing I didn't think I was Going to be So Rick really really really wanted his Pot I really really really really really Really want my pot This is for par It's looking good you are joking Me oh my God I'm kind of glad that didn't go in Because if it had I would have ripped my Top off run around the green I've probably never been allowed to play With Rick again It looks so in it did really did okay For par Yeah nice okay two to go par three 17th Hole 168 yards we just can't work out The wind one bit behind it could be into Feels like it's just moving everywhere So if it was downwind I'd try and smash

An eight there but I've not had great Success in my own's off the par threes Yet today so I'm gonna go with seven Iron if I try and cut it into that back Flag yeah I'm gonna start on that tree In the background Oh no Left uh pin eye but left not give you Any clues no not really it's all right Okay so I'm gonna go seven a in a little Ritual didn't give you much but I think It is the right Club to committed one at That tree no scrap all that Delete all that boys Whatever fit into the hole go and carry That Bonk I'm not gonna move but oh what else get In Oh my God that is ridiculous you are Drifting it today I've literally hit the Worst shot on the light I don't know how Close actually is on camera about 10 Foot 10 foot away Okay die After notifying this strike has covered The bunker and honestly you'll see him From the Drone footage Actually nearly wet in the hole and I've been pretty Dreadful on par threes Today I really have I think one green Which was the ninth Apart from another green on the par Three which is not like me I normally Really like path threes

Right I've got to get up and down I've still got birded last try and shoot Under 75. Down the hill left to right Oh I've heard it so hard Like what is the actual point is that Hard Ah that shot Bad shot And the thing for me is work on the pace And just give it somewhat nice pace and Just See what happens Oh God Gave it a great run This is for par here on this part three And it means that our our whole life has Still got a bird that elasticity under 75. if I don't I've got to Eagle the Last downhill just falling off that Right hand side just let Let It Go in The hole I love the roll I love the roll I love The roll I love the round I don't understand sometimes why it Doesn't go in I just don't understand it it's a good Part nice roll good speed I thought it Was a perfect line Get in the fall Yeah nice okay last hole 18. let's be Honest right now unless I make Eagle I'm Not breaking 75 which is frustrating for

Me Right now however this man Is butterflies are going he's nervous He's like it's a heavy breathe because He's level par with one hole left to go He's beat me today he has well that's Something dramatic happens he's beat me Can he finish with a birdie and shoot Under part the rain started to come down This hole's into wind Foreign To the world to the right Let's do a nice hard hit see what Happens wish me luck everyone good luck It's the safest shot you could have hit It's miles right it's absolutely miles Right But it's somewhat safe and that's all I Wanted to do is because this is Happening then Okay Eagle needed Richard Come in a bit and I'm your driver for Coming a bit fine I've always left that Brilliant perfect got a chance from There long hole this one certainly into The teeth and when you put it so far Right the name plan was just don't lose The ball lasts 300 yards to the flag so I'm not even debating going for that Just gonna Hit like a five iron down the right side And leave myself like a full shot in And I've yummy stuff absolutely nailed

That Ah feels good no matter what happens now I've played around the goal fingers Crossed without losing the golf ball and I honestly can't tell you the last time I did that so I'm happy okay after Eating a good tee shot this wind has Killed the ball normally with no wind The ball should be another 50 yards past This I'm 255 yards back into the green Uh and I've got to make Eagle I've got To to shoot under 75. So Luckily the ball sat quite nicely So we're going for it driver off the Deck If if I hit one of those absolute bullet Drives off the deck I think it'll cut Through the wind and it has a real Chance of getting on the Green Oh I Could just top it 50 yards in front of Me let's find out what the outcome's Gonna be All right Yeah that's a that's a duck hook fat in Trouble Right third shot after putting myself in An awful situation I'm luckily should Just about get a swing on it This is the shoot 75 everybody Oh sorry it's to shoot under 75 this Shot right here I don't fancy it Come around

Around Ah bunker I'll just showed a bunker Tough from there and so I've got 95 Yards the flag Quite a lot of wind into the face as Well so we're gonna play it about 100 Yards which touch Ward should be like a Nice three-quarter 50 degree wedge I'm feeling this one the mission is Getting on the green and two Port the Ambition is getting on the Green in one Pot the goal is to hold this shot but Let's not get carried away come on 100 Yard swing It's Gonna Come slide to the Left this hill Commit to it Oh that looks really nice Go in go in Oh He's dry he's a game today I don't think It's not fun funny way to say I can't I Made up okay this is not pretty it's not Nice and I don't like it one little tiny Bit It's my fourth shot on this part five I've got to go over this bunker it's on An awkward little lights it's all Sloping away from me how it's not Collecting to the bunker I don't know And then there's water over the back of The green Come on confidence Be a nice little chip into finish Yeah not nice stop there that was a very

Hard shot Stop there Not enjoyed this back now in one tiny Bit Made an absolute shambles of this Pattern It's like I'm just getting you away I'm Not sorry Be nice for us to finish for level par 72 Good 73 though Well done pal yeah very happy with that That's one of the best I've seen you Play golf today thank you very much a Long time coming No it's good So guys thanks for watching hope you Enjoyed the episode Um Some very unusual Golf out there today Guy plays really steady and kind of when He when he got you got a position say You kind of just got it back yeah that Was the big thing uh I'm somewhat Frustrated around the golf today I felt Like I hit it not great but I should Have scored better than the 77 so four Five over Um I feel like I'm shooting a lot of Them at the moment Um either way thanks to Winslow Beautiful Golf Course uh each and every October they have like a foursomes Trophy we should enter on you yeah

Imagine you and me playing fortnite Wouldn't it