Make Fairway Bunker Shots Easy! 3 Simple Tips

Weather Forecast for Golf Players

Golf is a wonderful outdoor sport that can be played in many different types of weather conditions. A complete round of golf, including 18 holes, will typically take about 5 to 6 hours to play, depending on the course. The weather can change greatly during the course of play. Before beginning your day of play, it is important to learn about the daily weather forecast for your location.

Having The Right Posture

Posture simply refers to the way one positions his or her body with regard to the golf ball. Having the right posture is the exercise of achieving such an important aspect.

Solidify Your Golf Game With These Tips

Golfing is not the easiest sport to master or to even be good at but there are some tricks that can make anyone a decent player. There is a great deal of practice involved in golfing so the first thing that should be done is to work hard at the game if want to be good.

Become A Golf Member

Surfing the web is a great task and very time consuming when trying to locate specific items. Locating one location which houses education, solutions, and answers for your golfing concerns is very helpful. Become a golf member utilizing the talents of a PGA pro and tour golf coach.

Top 3 Must Have At Home Golf Practice Products To Improve Your Golf Game

All golfers want to drop their scores, and they know that the key is to simply practice more! Of course, this is often times easier said than done. Many of us don’t have the time after work to hit the range, or the practice green, or the practice bunker at the local course. So what can you do? Bring the practice facility home! Here are the top 3 practice tools every golfer should have at home to take their game to the next level.

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Using a Solid Set Makeup to Play SMART Golf?

Everyone who plays this game with even a speck of passion knows that to play your best, you have to play SMART golf. To most golfers, smart golf is all about course management; knowing when to “go for it” or when to hit the conservative shot.

How to Find the Perfect Golf Course

Finding the perfect golf course isn’t easy. As a result, this article gives golfers three simple steps in order to find the course that meets their ability, expectations, and will provide a high level of enjoyment.

Golf Tips On The Lower Body Of The Golf Swing

Lower body of the golf swing is a simpler method of achieving a simplified turn thus making it more effective and consistent. This involves turning of the hips during a golf swing in a manner that is comfortable and less complicated.

Improve Your Golf With SkyCaddie

If you are looking to derive enhanced pleasure from your golf courses and want to make the rounds quicker, SkyCaddie will prove to be an excellent device. This compact handheld devise from Sky Golf offers global positioning technology (GPS) to golfers across the globe.

DIY Golf Cart Upgrades – They Aren’t As Expensive or As Difficult As You Might Think

There is nothing like going out to the course on a day off and enjoying the outdoors riding around on your golf cart. Until your rival pulls up next to you with his decked out cart with chrome wheels, headlights, GPS, stereo and every other cart accessory under the sun. Don’t be that guy!!! Most of those parts are very affordable with the right research, and most of them can be installed by you, with just the few tools you have already collecting dust in the garage.

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Mulligans Are Not Always a Good Idea

Every golfer knows that there are games when they are just mucking around when they can take a “mulligan” and be alright.  A mulligan is a shot that was not intended and so the shot does not count on the overall score.

Learn to Create Backspin on a Golf Ball Like the Pros

Trying to impart backspin on a golf ball is something all golfers would like to do, but few can. It requires a pure strike on the ball, reasonable club head speed, and a knowledge of what you are trying to do. But if you can accomplish this shot, it will do wonders for your short game.

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