Golfers Need to Stay Away From THIS Swing Fault! Lower Your Scores!

Inside the Mind of a PGA Tour Player

Ever wondered how Greg Norman lost the Masters in such epic style or how Payne Stewart overcame the odds to win the 1999 United States Open at Pinehurst? Can you imagine what Rory McIlroy could have been thinking on the back nine on Sunday at the United States Open after his crushing collapse at Augusta just two months prior?

Golf – How to Hit Uphill and Downhill Lies

Two of the most common, but misunderstood golf strokes, and possibly the most intimidating challenges, are the uphill and downhill golf shots. Let’s break them down and make them easy for you!

Hit A Golf Ball Straight: Learn How To Perform The Two-Step Straight Method

If performed correctly, your wrists will rotate and lock-in your clubface to a square alignment. Also, your elbows (elbow line) will rotate and lock-in a parallel alignment with your shoulders (shoulder line.)

Golf Swing Tips: Ensure Your Right Elbow Brushes Your Rib Cage

    When your right elbow brushes against your right rib cage during your downswing, it will indicate the swing path of your clubface will match your target line at impact to hit the golf ball straight   One of the best swing tips nowadays is to ensure your right elbow brushes against your right rib cage during your downswing.   The reason why this is one of the best golf swing tips is that your right elbow should brush against your right rib cage during your downswing as an indication you are in…

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Get Ready For Golf Season – Physical Preparation

At long last, Spring is here and the weather is perfect for a day on the green. Be prepared physically to enjoy the day and play your best with these great tips.

Gifts for Golfers

Tens of millions of people in America golf on what they consider is a regular basis. With so many golfers, and so many holidays or occasions to celebrate, it’s important to stay informed on some of the hottest gadgets and gifts for golf lovers.

Incredible Ways to Lower Your Golf Score

Golf is not a sport for everybody because there is so much that goes into it and you have to have a dedication to the sport in order to be good.  Those who choose to put the time and effort can become good golfers, maybe not good enough for a PGA tour, but they can certainly hold their own on the course with their buddies.

Golf Shaft Fitting – Selecting the Shaft So You Don’t “Get the Shaft”

There are no established standards within the golf equipment industry for shaft flex. The R flex from one company may have the same stiffness as the S flex from another company, or the A flex from yet some other company. Accurate shaft fitting has to consist of some important steps.

Golf Guidance You Shouldn’t Pass Up

There are lots more to golf than hitting a ball with a stick. If you would like the ball to follow your vision, you must be accurate, patient, and also have a strong upper body. Here are a few superb advices to help you better your golf game.

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Amazing Golf Suggestions That Can Help You Out

Golf is a healthy, enjoyable activity that can enrich your daily life far into your senior years. Anyone can take up golf; the initial step is simply getting started. Read the subsequent paragraphs for some tips on how to do just that.

Why Are Motocaddy Products Highly Sought After?

There are several famous names whose products are collected and owned by the professionals and experts in golf, and a few such brands include Motocaddy, Powacaddy, Taylormade, Mizuno, Ping and a lot more. Each of them manufactures and sells different products with different features that make them highly on demand.

2012 Golf Club Reviews Reveal Adjustable Equipment

Adjustable drivers highlight 2012 golf club reviews. Many companies realize that golfers want to be able to change the settings on their equipment.

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