Basic Golf Swing tips for Beginners

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Basic Golf Swing Tips

By Adam Torkildson

Whether they are a beginner or experienced, most golfers try to improve their golf swing. The perfect golf swing is widely debated among golf professionals and entire books have been written on the subject. For most golfers, however, sticking to improving the basics of a golf swing is all they need to get longer drives and more accurate hits.

Focus on the Grip

How a golfer grips his or her club is the first step to having a good golf swing. Try gripping the club with your hands in a position similar to how your hands look when hanging down naturally. This will improve your ability to connect the club naturally with the movements in your arm and body.

Take a Proper Stance

Using correct posture and taking the proper stance will help you to have a more powerful swing without the risk of falling over. Have your legs shoulder length apart with the knees slightly bent. Be sure to stand up straight and be prepared to use your full body in the swing.

Complete the Swing

Never stop the golf club when it hits the ball. In order to stop at that point requires slowing the club down well before it reaches the ball. Instead, keep the acceleration up by swinging well past the point where the club comes in contact with the ball. To work on this, practice swinging without a ball to get used to creating a full swing with the club. Then, let it loose with the ball. Don’t worry about accuracy so much at first. As you practice, your accuracy will improve with a much faster swing.

Try a Different Club

Sometimes a golfer’s swing is inhibited by the type of club he or she uses. If a club is too heavy, it can be difficult to get the speed and acceleration you need. Likewise, a longer club takes more time to come in contact with the ball, giving the golfer more time to accelerate the swing.

Buy Some Training Equipment

Many golf stores sell training aids and equipment to help golfers learn about their swing and how they can improve it. Some equipment provides a mirror for a golfer to be able to see exactly what they are doing during a swing. Other equipment provides a guide of where the club should be going during the speed. Finally, some training aids help with alignment.

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