Here’s a Quick Way to Master the 3 Hardest Shots in Golf

While you may only come across these shots once every few rounds, knowing how to play them properly will prevent bogeys, double-bogeys and even worse – the coveted snowman. The following three shots seem to cause the most trouble for the average golfer.

Buying Essential Golf Equipment

Golf is a great sport for all. It requires skills in managing your strength as well as calculation of distances and angles with which to hit the golf ball. It is therefore obvious that the golf equipment used to play golf would be a very important factor to consider for your golf games.

Kids Golf Clubs – Flexibility Produces Highly Skilled Youngsters

In the past three decades there has been a steady increase in young golfers and the specialized smaller-scale golf clubs. Prior to the 1950s the shafts of woods and irons were made out of wood. They were replaced with metal shafts for lighter and more flexible action on the swing. In an age where there is more disposable income, youngsters can now play golf using clubs made specifically for growing children and teens.

How Golf Swings Between Men and Women Differ

The differences in golf swings between men and women stems from their body structure. Physical differences should be the main concern for golf instructors. This article will attempt to make more people aware of the body movements of both men and women.

The Perfect Swing For Golf Players

Golf is unquestionably a super addictive sport. If you have not played golf before, I advise that you don’t unless you are ready to take on an enduring love affair with it.

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Golf Can Be Made Easy, If You Know The Rules

Playing golf is hard enough, but if you don’t know the most important rules then you’ll find yourself wasting more shots. This is because not knowing the rules will cost you strokes. Wasting away strokes many times leads to frustration would could lead to more bad shots. Don’t make that mistake. Learn the most important rules now.

Golf Preparation Is Critical If You Want To Be Successful

Golf is a funny game. There can be many high points and low points as one plays a round but one thing that will help the golfer be more consistent is a solid golf preparation plan.

The Golf Course Distance Finder – Why They Are Helpful and What Makes Them Work

When I first started looking for a serviceable golf distance measuring device, there was considerable confusion in choosing between the various models. I wanted something versatile, accurate, and reasonably priced, and being a person who likes to know how things tick, I wanted to not only find the best golf course distance finder for me, but what makes them work as well as they do.

Junior Golf Club Sets These Days

It is very important that you always support your kid in everything that he does. If he wants to play golf, you may give him the best junior golf club set. To give the best, you may need a guide. Thus, you have to use the tips mentioned to make sure that he will have the best for the game.

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The Frustrating Slice Demystified!

A golf slice is probably the most common mistake made on tee. It will rob you of distance, and of course, it might land your ball in the rough…But there are some really simple ways to stop slicing. And in this article you will learn the basics of how to stop slicing the ball and lower your scores.

Children’s Golf Clubs – Help Junior With the Basics

There are many manufacturers of golf equipment for children these days. Golf clubs for children are usually smaller in size and lighter in weight than the usual standard equipment simply because they’re more suitable for the height and dimensions of smaller players.

Ladies Golf Clubs These Days

It is very much important that you as a lady has the best clubs for the game of golf. You need the best clubs to do well in the game as always. To choose well, you need to be guided. The tips can surely help you in choosing.

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