AC Joint Pain Exercises for Shoulder Rehab

If you’ve got AC joint pain you’ve got to be doing these three exercises immediately to finally get your shoulder healthy.

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Scapular Pushup Progressions:


Today we are going to go through three exercises to help you fix up your AC joint pain. The acromioclavicular joint is the top bony part of your shoulder, most people can touch it pretty easily.

This joint, unlike most joints in the body, is only held together by ligaments. The thing with ligaments is they don’t heal as quickly as muscles.

A minor muscle strain it could be healed up in up to 3 days, whereas a really minor ligament sprain can take up to two weeks or even longer to fully heal. So when we sprain our ligaments we’ve got to be aware of that fact and we’ve got to progress a little bit slower.

If you’re working out, playing sports, wrestling with your buddies and you’ve sprained your AC joint, it’s really important that you let it properly heal at first. That means no movements in the extreme ranges of motion overhead, across the body and behind you.

We want to minimize end range of motion in those movements because any end range of motion in those movements can potentially stretch out the ligaments of the AC joints a little bit more prolonging your healing time.

These 3 exercises for AC joint pain are going to help you keep the shoulder moving and start to re-educate the neuromuscular system for proper aligned movement patterns that’s going to set you up for a lifetime of doing things that you love, whether it’s lifting in the gym, playing any kind of sports, golf etc.


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