A Racing Champions Experience with (and Before) Data Acquisition – Live Webinar with Tommy Kendall

In this live webinar, Tommy Kendall (Multiple Champion and Motorsports Hall of Fame member) and Roger Caddell (AiM Sports National Training Manager) discuss Tommy’s career and how racing data acquisition was used and how he strongly accepted the technology for many reasons. Also discussed were his thoughts about many other motorsports subjects including; Safety, tracks, IROC Series, 24hrs of Le Mans, and great battles and rivalries he had as a 4 time TransAm Champion.

Video Timestamps
0:00 Opening
0:32 Introduction of Tommy Kendall
4:25 Getting Started in Racing
6:30 First Race He Attended
7:20 First Race Wins
9:35 Favorite Race Tracks to Drive
11:18 Early Data Acquisition Use
13:08 Some Data, Even More Wanted
13:53 Early Data System Capabilities and Into Telemetry
15:58 Adopting the Use of Data Early On
16:27 Using Data to Optimize Gearing
18:30 Using Data for Driver Improvement
21:33 Always Find out ‘Why’
22:57 Improving Braking
27:17 Information Organization
30:48 Championship Memories
31:45 TransAm Long Beach
34:30 Operation ‘Beat Kendall’
37:11 Road Course vs Oval Racing
38:47 IROC
46:33 Safety
49:39 Street Circuits
51:18 Le Mans and MOPAR
56:15 Sim Racing
1:01:02 Next Webinar – SmartyCam HD Tips & Tricks, Peter Krause
1:01:29 Closing

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