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Life ain’t easy as a lefty. Awkward elbow bumps at dinner table parties. Scissors never really work quite right. You receive fail marks in calligraphy class because you’re constantly smearing as you write. And most importantly, getting golf gear is a pain.

I recently started teaching myself to play left handed because i’ve developed back issues swinging from my dominant side. So it was a crash introduction into what life is like for Lefty golfers. Now I don’t know about you, but when i watch a pro golf broadcast i’m imagining myself in their shoes. Part of the fun I get from watching is simply seeing what situations the pros get into, and wondering and asking myself what I would do in that situation. I feel there’s a real solid learning opportunity in seeing how the pro golfers swing and make decisions throughout a round.

But watching these golf broadcasts with the mindset of a left hander definitely changed things. I noticed a definite disconnect in how involved i was watching now. It’s funny but in the past while watching a broadcast i’d often notice my own shoulders and back muscles involuntarily twitching along making practice swings, almost as if i was preparing to hit the shot myself. This activity was now completely quiet. A large part of my “learn-by-watching” was no longer easily available. I realized how much harder it would have been for me to learn the game if i had been a left handed kid.

Well here’s a video for you lefty’s. Ricky Fowler is rumored to have a decent left handed golf game, but unfortunately we don’t have any documented footage of him turning in a left handed card. So here’s footage from Ricky’s 2nd Rnd at Quail Hollow for the 2014 Wells Fargo Championship. Flipped for the Leftys. Great fun. Enjoy!

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